The Sims 2: Apartment Life

The Sims 2: Apartment Life
TS2ApartmentLife.pngNorth America Box Art
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformsMS Windows, Mac
Release Date(AUS) August 22, 2008, (NA) August 27, 2008, (EU)August 21, 2008
Rating(T) Teen
Description /Game ExcerptGet to know your new landlord and meet the neighbors down the hall as your Sims move into their first apartments. While apartment living may bring about the annoyances of noisy neighbors and remembering to pay the rent, it's certainly cheaper than having to buy your own place immediately! Learn to live in the smaller space and your Sims may find that having other Sims close by brings certain advantages - especially if your Sims can maintain good reputations. And if things ever get too rough, your Sim can now look for a roommate to share the burden. There are also some rumors of Sims exhibiting some odd behavior recently. Some have even gone so far as to say that there's a feeling of magic in the air... Welcome to Apartment Life!


[edit] Game Overview

Your Sims are moving into a brand-new apartment, and their lives will never be the same! Adventure, fun, and drama await them as they meet new people and explore their new neighborhood. Will they take their kids to the local playground, mingle in coffee shops, or hit the park to learn from the breakdancers? Close quarters mean new opportunities-move in with compatible roomies for a thriving social life, advance your career with the right social network, or find true love just down the hall. Whether they live in artsy converted lofts, the ultimate studio bachelor pads, or luxury apartments with their own butler, your Sims will experience all of the excitement of apartment life!

[edit] Features

  • Move into the perfect apartment: a spacious loft, a cozy place for a young couple, or a multi-bedroom flat-share with friends.
  • Mingle with Sims from all-new social groups: stylish socialites, artsy bohemians, sports jocks, gadget-collecting techies, or edgy gearheads.
  • Take advantage of apartment life: form social networks to make new friends, advance their careers, or look for love.
  • Build your Sim’s new reputation meter: with a good reputation, your Sim can find the right friends to help them achieve their goals!
  • Control multiple households: will you make your Sims live in happy harmony or comical conflict?

[edit] General Information

[edit] Apartments

[edit] Redecoration in Apartments

[edit] Neighbors

[edit] Roommates

You may or may not have a roommate. If you decide to have a roommate, they will move into your apartment with you. They will have a Satisfication Meter which is very helpful because you will be able to tell how satisfied your roommate is with everything. If your roommate happens to move out, or die unexpectedly, you can always replace them with another roommate.

[edit] Landlords

Your landlord will come and go. If something happens to your current landlord, for example if they get married or maybe even die, than you will get a new landlord that will replace the old one.

[edit] Rent

You are also responsible for paying the rent! You must always pay your rent to your landlord.

[edit] Complaints

Your neighbors can call. Everyone is allowed to complain to the landlord about others.

[edit] Requests

Your sim can call/click on the Landlord to request things. This includes repairs or roaches. Landlords will not clean your apartment.

[edit] Parties

Every Saturday, around noon, the apartment Landlord will hold a small party for your household and the neighbors in the apartment. A small notification bubble appears to let you know that the party is happening, and you will also see sims start to mix drinks, grill food, etc. This party is an idea way to socialize and meet the neighbors.

[edit] Reputations

Everyone has a reputation, either good or bad. The things you do will result in a decrease or increase in your reputation. If you have a good reputataion, good things will happen. So, be nice to everyone and don't gossip! If you have a bad reputation, than bad things will happen, such as having a dramatic increase in your rent!

[edit] Social Groups

Talk and get to know your neighbors! Soon you'll find out about all the different social groups!
Here are some:

  • Stylish Socialites
  • Artsy Bohemians
  • Sports Jocks
  • Gadget-collecting Techies
  • Edgy Gearheads

[edit] Networking

[edit] Witches

Witches have once again made an appearance. A witch could be anyone, teen or elder, male or female!
There are seven different kinds of witches:

  • Infallibly Good
  • Good
  • Nice
  • Neutral
  • Mean
  • Evil
  • Atrociously Evil

[edit] Magic Spell Books

[edit] Spells

[edit] Broomstick Travel

[edit] New

[edit] New Objects

  • Murphy Beds
  • Jungle Gym [For children]
  • Open Mic [For adults]
  • Secret Bookcase

[edit] New Interactions

  • If one of your neighbors are loud you can use the "Bang Wall" interaction to make them quieter.
  • You can lock your roommates out of your private rooms.
  • Sims can WooHoo in the sliding door closet and in their helicopter.
  • Toddlers and can use the "Huggle" interaction and there is also a Peek-a-Boo social.
  • If any students miss the bus to go to school, they can now walk.
  • Parents can read stories to their children until they fall asleep. They can also swing them in their arms.

[edit] New Gestures

  • Kiss Kiss Darling
  • Earthy Hug
  • Fake Out
  • High Five
  • Tough Handshake
  • Break Dancing
  • Classic Dance

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