The Sims: Vacation

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The Sims: Vacation
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North American Box Art
PublisherElectronic Arts
Release Date(s)Mar 25, 2002 (North America)
PlatformMicrosoft Windows,

Linux, Mac OS,

GenreVirtual Life
Rating(T) Teen

[edit] Game Summary

“The Sims are on holiday. Take your Sims on the holiday of a lifetime. You can choose whether they’ll spend the weekend at a beach resort, rough it in the words, or chill out in a winter wonderland. Whether they’re embarking on a family adventure or hooking up on a romantic getaway, your Sims will always have plenty to do on Vacation Island.” – The Sims Vacation back cover.

[edit] What’s new?

Your Sims can finally break free and take a trip of a lifetime to their dream destination! They can stay at a luxury beach resort, stay nice and cosy camping in a tent or spend some time with their family in the snow! You can even go on a date with your significant other.

[edit] Sims Creation

In The Sims Vacation, you are given new options for your Sims' clothing and body shapes.

Although there aren't many new face and body options, you are given alot of new clothing to suit each vacation area.

[edit] New Clothing

[edit] Warm coats and thermal undies

The Sims Vacation gives you plenty to choose from to keep you nice and toasty when you're stuck in the snow! These can be purchased from the resort itself.

[edit] New simsuit

Of course, when you're on a hot beach, you'll need to keep cool so Maxis have packed in some new swimsuits for your sims to wear whether they're swimming in the pool or playing volleyball with their friends.

[edit] Shorts 'n' Shirts

When exploring the woodlands, you'll need to be able to move around, thats why these extra-comfy clothes were included for maximum mobility!

[edit] Create-A-Sim

Creating Sims is easy once you get to grips with it. To begin, go into the create a family and pick an empty slot. You’ll then be asked to give the family a last name, once this is done, click the button that lit up. Here you get to personalize your character. So I’d start by giving them a first name, now onto personality. For personality you’re given 25 points to spend on whichever category you wish. You can have up to 10 points in each of the 5 categories.


Neat – If your sim has high neat points, they’re more likely to do cleaning automatically. They’ll flush the toilet after use and wash their hands. Low neat skill does the total opposite and the sim will be quite happy to live in it’s own filth.

Outgoing – The higher the outgoing points are, the easier your sim makes friends.

Active – Higher active points means your sim would rather play sports for fun whereas lower means they’d rather watch TV.

Playful – If your sim has low playful, then they’d probably want to read a book for fun, compared to those with higher playful who might want to play pinball.

Nice – This pretty much explains itself, like outgoing, it helps determine how well Sims make friends.

Now look at the buttons on the right, these determine your base sim. The top set of buttons let you pick whether the sim is an adult or child, the middle three allow you to pick the skin tone and the bottom 2 let you pick the gender (Left = Male, right = Female)

Now you have a basic sim, you can see what they look like on the little model at the side. Now, use the arrows to scroll through the clothes and heads. Remember, clothes can be changed in game, heads are for life.

A bio is optional; you can give them as long or as little back-story as desired. You can declare relationships or siblings or anything really. Once you’ve finished your Sims, click done and you’ll be taken to the main family screen you started on. If you made any mistakes on a sim then click their face then the “Edit sim” button near the bottom. If you don’t want a particular sim, click their face and choose the “Delete sim” button, this is not undo-able. Once you’re completely satisfied and 100% happy with your family click done. Remember you can never return to edit a sim again.

[edit] Mode Information

[edit] Live mode

Live mode is probably the most important mode in the entire game, this is the only mode in which your Sims can live and interact in. This mode is presented by a little symbol of 2 people. You can shortcut to live mode by pressing "F1". This is the mode which Sims can fulfill their needs, go to work, interact with other Sims and cause miniature disasters in their own homes.

[edit] Buy mode

Buy mode plays an important roll too. It is the mode, which you can buy and sell items using their hard earned simoleans. A chair and a lamp represent this mode; the shortcut is "F2". There are a few restrictions to where you play objects; you cannot place any objects within the highlighted grid around another object. You can rotate objects by holding down your mouse button and dragging/swinging your mouse in the direction you want the object to go; click again to place the object.

[edit] Build mode

Build mode is the only mode where you can build walls and fences and add a roof to your house. You can also use build mode to build a pool, level the terrain or make ponds.

[edit] Location guide

With The Sims Vacation, there is a whole new sub neighborhood called the vacation island. Each neighborhood has a vacation neighborhood. To get to this island have your sim call up the courtesy shuttle to whisk your Sims away to the island, you can either choose a lot that Maxis has pre-made for you, or if you have made your own then you can go there.

There are 3 types of places to go, the beach, the woodlands and in the far back, the ski resort.

The beach resort consists of fancy hotels with fun water shooting games and swimming pools to cool your Sims off. Over at the beach your Sims can build sandcastles with their friends and family or hire a metal detector and go hunting for souvenirs buried deep in the sand.

The woodlands mainly consist of tents and the occasional lodge. Here Sims can fish, hire picnic blankets and sing songs around the campfire with their friends before climbing into their tent to sleep.

Finally, the ski resort is covered in an assortment of lodges to keep your Sims nice and toasty. Of course, Sims can always opt for the more outdoor option and hire an igloo for the night after a long day of snowball fights, snowman building, picnics and snowboarding.

On most of these lots, Sims can find somewhere to buy postcards, souvenirs, clothing or gifts for their friends.

[edit] House construction guide

When building your Sims house, you need the essentials for them to survive. If you're a bit strapped for cash, then just remember to buy the basics, a fridge, a bed, a toilet and a sink.

If you want to be a bit more adventurous, try building a nice little home. Sims prefer big spacious rooms than small and cramped rooms. We don't know why either but they would rather have a giant dark room than a tiny room filled with lights and windows.

So if you want to build a house, which makes your Sims feel happy, make sure you include the basics (Plus more if you have the extra cash, try investing in plenty of things to keep Sims busy) and big, spacious rooms.

[edit] Skill guide

In the Sims, there are some basic skills. These are cooking, mechanical, charisma, body, logic and creativity. These skills can be enhanced by certain objects and can help your Sims climb certain career ladders. Here I will talk briefly over what each skill does.

[edit] Cooking

You can gain cooking skill by reading a cookbook on the bookcase. A higher cooking skill decreases the chance that the stove will catch fire whilst your sim is cooking; it also unlocks new and exciting dishes for your Sims to try.

[edit] Mechanical

You can gain mechanical skill points by reading a mechanical book from the bookcase; mechanical skill allows Sims to repair objects much quicker and much easier.

[edit] Charisma

Charisma can be gained by practicing public speaking in a mirror.

[edit] Body

Body skill can be gained by working out at an exercise machine or swimming in the pool.

[edit] Logic

You can gain logic skill by playing chess. Having higher logic skill makes your Sims better at chess and with some expansion packs they can make special items.

[edit] Creativity

Creativity skill can be gained by painting, playing the piano or playing the guitar. As they gain more skill they can paint better pictures and play more complicated songs on instruments.

[edit] Money Making

[edit] Getting a job

Well, this is quite an obvious one, getting a job. It's so simple! Just wait for Nancy to deliver the newspaper and select "Find a job". If your sim is in a good mood they'll go running (Almost) to the newspaper to find a suitable job, there's plenty to choose from so you're sure to find one you like. Of course, there is another way of getting a job. You can buy/"hire" a computer (I'll talk about hiring later) and you get a few more job options. Don't forget that although your sims don't earn much in the beginning, if they work hard and build skills than they will get promotions and can make their way to the top of the career ladder and earn thousands each day!

[edit] "Rent" your items

You can now "rent" items. This means that you can buy your items, use them and get all of your money back. But there is a small hitch to this. You must return your item by midnight that same day, so I wouldn't recommend buying it any later than early evening.

[edit] Skill build and make money... at the same time

Yes that's right, you can multitask! If you buy an easel, then your sims can gain creativity skill and sell their completed paintings at the end. Easy money.

[edit] Item appreciation

With some items, they lose value over time, which is understandable. But if you wait a little longer, and I find this works best with things like paintings, then they begin to gain value over time. This means, you can leave the painting for a long period of time and it will slowly go up in value, so after a while you can sell it for about $500-$1000.

[edit] Item list

[edit] System Requirements

  • Must own The Sims, The Sims Deluxe or The Sims Double Deluxe to play.
  • Win 98/XP/2000
  • 600MB Hard drive space
  • 64MB RAM

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