The Sims: Superstar

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The Sims: Superstar
The Sims EP 6.jpg
North American Box Art
PublisherElectronic Arts
Release Date(s)May 15, 2003 (NA) 2003 (EU)
GenreLife Simulation (PC) Expansion pack
Rating(T) Teen, 7 +


[edit] Overview

The Sims: Superstar expansion pack gives your Sims the chance to live the life of a celebrity, or a classic washed-up loser, depending how how they fare in Studio Town. Sims gain fame points when they successfully complete various tasks, such as modeling for a print ad, recording a song, acting for a commercial, and much more. Visit Studio Town regularly to keep your ratings up, and perform at your best to increase your fame.

[edit] Features

  • Develop the required skills for all-new entertainment career tracks - try your luck in the worlds of film, music, and fashion
  • Meet all the somebodies and nobodies and network with the right people, to be seen and get ahead.
  • Build up your fame rating - get in the public eye and stay there, or else your star will wane.
  • Jump on stage and sing karaoke to start building your local fame.
  • Once you start to make it, treat yourself with the perks of celebrity life -- swimming pools, massive living rooms satellite dishes that provide all-new TV channels and more.

[edit] Studio Town

Studio Town is your Sim's workplace, if you've decided that the path to stardom is their calling. Call a taxi to take you there, and once you've arrived, you get to choose from one of nine premade lots. [You may demolish the premade lots to create your own.]

[edit] Index of Studio Town Lots

1. Cameron's Lounge
Fame: Open Microphone, Karaoke Stage
Food: Shrimp Cart, Buffet
Entertainment: Billiards, Slot Machines, Pinball
2. Buckingham Galleries
Fame: Photo Shoot [Print Ad/Model], Fashion Runway
Food: Sushi Bar
Entertainment: Shopping
3. Fairchild Film Studios
Fame: Movie Set, Open Microphone
Food: Buffet
Entertainment: Spa
4. [The] Gast District
Fame: Photo Shoot [Print Ad/Model], Fashion Runway
Food: Sushi Bar, Smoothie Stand
Entertainment: Spa, Shopping
5. KWLW Studios
Fame: TV Set [Commercial/Soap Opera]
Food: Buffet
Entertainment: Shopping
6. Meeker Studios
Fame: Movie Set, Open Microphone
Food: Buffet
Entertainment: Skydiving Simulator
7. Midlock Multiplex
Fame: Recording Studio [Jingle/Album], Karaoke Stage
Food: Sushi Bar x2
Entertainment: Shopping
8. Music for the Eyes Inc.
Fame: Music Video Set
Food: Buffet
Entertainment: Computer Games
9. Studio Town Center
Fame: Open Microphone, Karaoke Stage
Food: Sushi Bar, Buffet
Entertainment: Shopping, Spa

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