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The Sims: Livin' Large
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North American Box Art
PublisherElectronic Arts
Release Date(s)2000 (NA)
Rating(T) Teen

[edit] Summary of The Sims: Livin' Large

  • The Sims: Livin' Large expansion pack adds a ton of features to The Sims series.
  • Players can now interact in a total of four new neighborhoods.
  • Sims can buy Servos to complete chores or even meet the majestic Genie with his mysterious lamp.
  • There are now 5 new job careers from being a Sim musician to being a Sim hacker.
  • To make money your sim can paint on an easel or make gnomes with a wood-working bench.

No matter what new features your sims may get into whether it is fighting off death against the Grim Reaper or going to work as Journalist to write for the SimCity paper, they will end up having one adventure too large for life!

  • "Since it’s launch, The Sims has won the praise of millions of fans around the world. Now, for the first time ever, The Sims Deluxe Edition combines The Sims and its best-selling expansion pack The Sims Livin’ Large, plus a new collection of exclusive Deluxe features."

- The Sims Deluxe Edition Back Box Cover

[edit] Item Listings

The Sims the Genie.png

The Sims: Livin' Large expansion pack adds tons of new items to The Sims series. There are a total of 23 new items to be found in Seatings portion of the Buy Mode catalog along with 10 new items in Surfaces, 38 new items in Decorations, 2 new items in Electronics, 3 new items in Appliances, 9 new items in Plumbing, 22 new items in Lighting, and 22 new items in Miscellaneous.

[edit] Job Information

The Sims: Livin' Large expansion pack adds 5 new careers into the series. These 5 careers include: Musician, Slacker, Paranormal, Journalism, and Hacker. Each of these five careers are unique in many ways while also requiring sims to have skill points, friends, and a good mood to move up the career's ladder. If your one of those players who definitely likes to play the expansion packs for what they are worth then you will definitely want to expand your quest as a sim and begin in one of these 5 new careers.

[edit] Constructing Gnomes

The wood-working bench is a new feature in The Sims Livin’ Large game. You can use this bench to make all amounts of money off of the many gnomes you may make with it. Yep that’s right, you will be constructing gnomes using your bench. This type of living is very similar to painting because you will need required skills to actually make a nice amount of money using the wood-working bench. In this, case your mechanical skill is what determines how well you construct a gnome and how much they will sell for.

If you were to only have a mechanical skill of 1 the first time you make a gnome it will only sell for $1 simoleon. But one of the good things to making gnomes is that for every time you actually make one the amount of money you may make off of selling them will rise by $1 each time. As for each time you gain another mechanical skill the price of selling each of your gnomes will go up by $10. So if you were to have two mechanical skill points and you have made a gnome it would sell for around $20 simoleons, depending on how many gnomes you make after the amount of money will change. Overall the most amount of money you can make off of a gnome is $100, that can be accomplished by maxing your mechanical skill, getting it to level 10. Doing this will allow you to make $100 simoleons off of every gnome you make but the price will no longer raise by $1 for each time a gnome is made and sold afterward. In time a sim can make quite a nice amount of money since it only takes 20 in-game minutes to make a gnome and in one hour you could make up to $500 simoleons!

Use this feature to your advantage but also make sure to keep your sims well rested and fed because working really hard to make gnomes can drastically change a sims mood meter, their needs. If a sim was to work solely off of just making and selling gnomes but with a mechanical skill of 10 they would definitely become off with a fair amount of money. This way of making money is very simple and doesn’t require the same amount of determination and work that regular career jobs do, all you need is skills and that’s it! Also giving your sim sometime to be happy, working towards their needs, but in the end all they need to do is make a few gnomes and then the cash will be rolling in, how easy is that! Real easy.

[edit] Location Information

The Livin' Large Neighborhood.

The Sims Livin’ Large adds a whole lot of new features to the “location” part of the Sims game. Not only does it add four new neighborhoods but it also adds several new characters that help to make the game even more fun and enjoyable.

[edit] Neighborhoods

There are four new neighborhoods that the Sims Livin’ Large offers you when playing. Besides the first neighborhood that had been there since the regular Sims game this expansion allows you to build houses in four other neighborhoods. There is only one neighborhood out of the four new ones that actually have houses already built in them with families attached, the other three are completely untouched. No longer will you become cramped in one neighborhood while playing the Sims Livin’ Large, you’ll have four completely new neighborhoods to branch off into.

Click from neighborhood one to neighborhood two at the top of your The Sims: Livin' Large game to view the new neighborhood that is stocked with three new houses and one new family.

These neighborhoods all appear alike in appearance and are all the same size. Use these other neighborhoods to build houses and start families in.

Note: Sims in one neighborhood will not be able to talk with Sims from other neighborhoods or even visit them. The Sims in one neighborhood will live completely different lives than the Sims in another neighborhood, never getting the chance to interact but with only the Sims in their neighborhood.

[edit] New Characters

Alike all other Sims games and expansion packs there will always be new NPC’s added into the game. In this game, there are several, whom will definitely change the amount of fun and enjoyment you will have when playing.

[edit] 1. Servo


Servo is an NPC who, to be obtained, must be bought for $15,000 simoleons. He is very similar to that of the “maid” NPC but is instead is not a Sim but a robot. Servo will work for 24 straight hours as long as there is something needed for him to get done whether it’s taking out the trash, cleaning up the dinner plates, making the bed, watering the plants, or bringing in the mail. Servo will do many tasks and he is just, overall, one very helpful NPC that can make your sim’s lives much easier. He can act, not only act as a maid, but a gardener, a social sim, a repairmen, or baby-sitter.


[edit] 2. Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper.

There is now a Grim Reaper NPC in the sims game. He is quite the interesting character. The Grim Reaper will now appear whenever one of your sims is about to die or has already. He even has an interaction called “Rock, Paper, Scissors” the game you can play against him to determine the fate of your dieing sim. But you must first plea to the Grim Reaper to save your sim’s friend’s life, if he accepts your please and you can manage to beat the Grim Reaper at his game then he will return the life of your dieing sim or if you lose he may turn your sim into a zombie! This will only rarely happen, most times the Grim Reaper only takes the life of your sim and then leaves. But with sims that have high relationships with each other, they are more likely to fight back for their dieing sim-friend’s life.

Grim Reaper.

[edit] 3. Genie


The Genie can only appear in your game if you have bought the “Antique Lamp”. He will grant you two wishes while also casting three other wishes. The first two wishes are your “good” wishes and the following three that he casts are your “bad” wishes. Yes it does indeed seem unfair that you can only get two good wishes while getting, in return, three bad ones. Good wishes include such things as wishing for skill points, higher relationships with another sim, children, a clean house, a sim object, or a sims increase in motives. The bad wishes include such things as fellow sims deaths, floods, kitchen fires, broken objects, dead plants, decrease in sim motives, decrease in skill points, and decrease in sim relationships.


[edit] 4. Tragic Clown

Tragic Clown.

To make the Tragic Clown appear in your Sims game you will need to buy the “tragic clown” painting. When you buy this painting the Tragic Clown will soon appear on your sim’s property. His main goal is to cause mystery to all of your sims and will drastically decrease their motives, meaning their comfort, hygiene, hunger, etc. I wouldn’t understand why anyone would want to buy this painting knowing the consequences to it’s purchase but whenever you feel like just watching seems grow depressed, even on the verge of dieing, you now know what to buy. If you were to accidentally buy the “tragic clown” painting there are a few things you can do to destroying this clown. One being you place the painting on top of the fireplace to burn, when it begins to burn the Tragic Clown will burn along with it. Two, you can try your best to make your sims happy and as they become happy and the clown realizes his tactics aren’t working he will leave. Three, sell the painting and then make your sims happy, the clown will then leave.

Tragic Clown.

[edit] 5. Male and Female Monster

Male Monster.

To see the male or female monster NPC you must first buy a Chemistry Set. This object can turn your sims into monsters, ether male or female, depending on their gender. To successfully turn your sim into a monster you need for them to make a purple colored potion, after they drink it, they will change. Monster sims are known for being aggressive and angry NPC’s whose motives drastically decrease as they live. Nothing can stand in their way any longer, as often seen when watching a monster tear apart whatever object is in his or her path. Monsters can destroy all objects except for the easel. This is the one thing that keeps them from going totally insane, they actually quite surprising love to paint. Use the easel on any monster NPC to make their life somewhat enjoyable.

Male Monster.

[edit] 6. Space Aliens

Space Aliens.
Space Alien Abduction.

The Space Alien NPC is the only character that cannot actually be seen. The only trace of their appearance is a small, blue-ray of light that will shine from the night-sky onto your sim while they gaze through the telescope. These Space Aliens may abduct your sim at any random time during the night when they are gazing through a telescope, and only a telescope, they cannot abduct sims while they are painting or playing the piano. When your sim gets abducted they will leave the property for awhile and then return but with a totally different personality, their points will change. Their motives will also change ether going up or down, it’s all random.

[edit] 7. Evil Clone

Evil Clone.

The only way to make an Evil Clone of your sim is by buying the Chemistry Set. When using this set your sim must make a dark green potion and drink it to successfully make an Evil Clone. The Evil Clone’s appearance is identical to the sim who created the NPC but is the exact opposite of the sim personality-wise. Evil Clone NPCs will only appear on the sim property for a certain amount of time and then as the hour’s pass they will gradually fade away into nothing. Evil Clones can be used to make other sims lives tragic and miserable, these sims can agitate and aggravate other sims and make a wreck of a sims house.

Evil Clone.

[edit] Pre-made Lots

[edit] 1 Sim Lane

1 Sim Lane.
  • Cost: $117,675

1 Sim Lane is the biggest house to be found when you first start out in neighborhood two, or the newest neighborhood added to The Sims series from the Livin' Large expansion pack. Many people consider it to be a castle for it sure looks like one! What crazy creatures, spooky ghosts, or chaotic monsters will sims find hidden inside this monstrous mansion?

[edit] 7 Sim Lane

7 Sim Lane.
  • Cost: $19,297

7 Sim Lane is one of the only houses, found in neighborhood two, to have a pool. Sims can move into this humble vacation lot to spend their honeymoon while relaxing by the poolside together. Or will Sims discovery tragedy while they meet the Grim Reaper after drowning in the pool? Players will never know their luck until it has happened on 7 Sim Lane.

[edit] Pre-made Families

[edit] 9 Sim Lane

9 Sim Lane.

The Mashuga family lives in the house on 9 Sim Lane. They are the only pre-made family to reside in neighborhood two which is added along in the installation of The Sims Livin' Large expansion pack. The Mashuga family consists of Frankie and Sylvia Maria. They are a young couple who have just married. What crazy, exciting adventures will players go on in the household of Mastuga? Will they bring about a new life or an unexpected death for the family?

Family: Mashuga

Family Funds: $20,066

Family Friends: 0

[edit] Frankie Mashuga

Frankie Mashuga.

Frankie Mashuga has just moved in with his wife Sylvia Marie to 9 Sim Lane. They have just recently married and found themselves a perfect spot to settle down and enjoy their marriage. Only thing is, nothing is perfect in The Sims Livin' Large, the Mashuga family is all alone in a neighborhood by themselves. How will they make friends? If they have kids, how will their kids ever survive growing up without friends as well?

Frankie Mashuga.

Personality - Libra

Neat 2

Outgoing 7

Active 5

Playful 5

Nice 6

[edit] Sylvia Marie Mashuga

Sylvia Marie Mashuga.

Sylvia Marie Mashuga has just moved in with her husband Frankie to 9 Sim Lane. They have just recently married and found themselves a perfect spot to settle down and enjoy their marriage. Only thing is, nothing is perfect in The Sims Livin' Large, the Mashuga family is all alone in a neighborhood by themselves. How will they make friends? If they have kids, how will their kids ever survive growing up without friends as well?

Sylvia Marie Mashuga.

Personality - Aquarius

Neat 4

Outgoing 5

Active 4

Playful 5

Nice 7

[edit] New Features

The Sims Livin’ Large game would not be an all new, awesome game without the many new features that it adds to the Sims series. These features include the Madame Blahbatfry Crystal Ball, Roaches, Exploding Garden Gnomes, the Chemistry Set, the Love Bed, the Wood-Working Bench, a Voodoo Doll, and a Beejaphone Guitar.

[edit] Madame Blahbatfry Crystal Ball

The crystal ball is used to help sims gain more points towards any portion of their personality, neat, nice, playful, etc. The actual part of a sims personality that your sim could be increased in is chosen randomly, depends on what the crystal ball suggests your sim do.

To actually obtain a personality point you will, of course, need to solve a riddle and then successfully perform the task of that riddle given. If you were successful in understanding the riddle then you can move to the second part of actually gaining a point towards one of your individual personality parts. This second thing will be something such as “stay clean” or “be playful” which is the riddle itself and a hint to what your sim should do to effect it’s personality in someway that it increases by a point. “Stay clean” would be a hint to keeping your sim clean and the house itself clean. After a total of 24 hours, in-game, if your sim did what the crystal ball stated then they should be successful with being increased by a personality point which if in this situation of “Stay clean” would be towards Neat/Messy. There are many other things that the crystal ball could suggest for your sim to do, some may be a little tricky to understand and actually figure out what your sim is suppose to do but whatever it is, if you understood right your sim could gain a point in any of the parts that make up a sims personality. The riddle will determine which part of a sims personality is effected though so keep that in mind, this case of choice is random of course.

Note: Sometimes the crystal ball may not even work, it all depends on how successful you are with actually figuring out the riddle and then doing it. Look over your points of personality in the sim that you used to look through the crystal ball with to see which parts may become effected. Also, only the sim that had viewed the crystal ball will actually have a chance of getting an increase in personality, other sims in the family will not be effected.

[edit] Roaches

Roaches are one of the most annoying and overall bad features that the Sims Livin’ Large expansion pack adds. But not all of it’s features can possibly good, there are always a few bad ones.

The most common way to actually bring out the roaches in a Sims house is to keep it messy without doing anything to clean up the house, or just the room you wish to unleash roaches in. After a few in-game hours or even days you will begin to see a swarm of roaches all in one, together, and moving with each other in what appears to be circles around a space they may choose in a messy room. You may not think that some things in a room need to be cleaned or altered such as making the bed but even that can affect when roaches may appear and not.

To get rid of roaches you must do a few things first. The first being to spray them, such as someone would do in real life, but make sure you do this right or if done wrong at the time of spraying they will not be effected. Simply click on the roaches and the “spray” command will appear, click that to actually spray these house destroyers. Make sure that you do not have anything besides the “spray roaches” option selected for your sim at the time because sometimes if you have other things such as “eating” or “making the bed” before or after your sim is to spray the roaches they will simply ignore that command and it will disappear from your menu. You may also need to click the “spray” command again to be successful with doing so because if the roaches were to move from one space of the room to another at the time you had clicked to spray, like explained above, the command will be ignored by your sim. If you manage to make sure of these things before clicking the “spray” command then you should be completely successful with spraying and then killing the roaches.

The spray is one of the only things that can actually kill roaches and if there were to be more than one group of them your sim would move from the first group to next until they were all killed off. Immediately after killing the roaches I would clean up whatever rooms in a sims house that were messy at the time the roaches were present so that you can prevent them returning.

Also to prevent them overall from invading your sims house you should just make sure to keep it clean overall, make sure to wash the dishes, the dirty countertops, make the beds, put back books on bookshelves, flush the toilets, clean all objects, and whatever else you could do to keep a house clean.

[edit] Exploding Garden Gnomes

Throughout the game, the only way to unlock this special “something” in a gnome, your sim must “Free Willingly” want to kick the gnome on it’s own and then occasionally the gnomes are known to explode and turn sims anger and even into monsters.

Note: It may be quite difficult to actually get a sim to kick a gnome on it’s own but a good way to doing so is to put the sim in a bad mood and place maybe a few gnomes that you have a created using the wood-working bench around the yard to frustrate the sim. Depending on a sims personality, whether they are playful/serious or nice/angry, sims who tend to be more serious and angry in their life will tend to want to kick these gnomes more than other sims who are more nice and playful. Take this into consideration when creating a sim if you wish to ever see them kick a gnome.

The chances of a gnome exploding are quite likely, it all depends on how well they were constructed by the sim who created it used the wood-working bench. If a sim with a very low mechanical skill created the gnome then it’s more likely to explode than a sim with a very high mechanical skill. Even with these circumstances there is still a slight chance that the gnome will not explode but most times it should. When a sim who kicks an exploding gnome turns into a monster the same features that apply to that specific NPC will apply to this sim as well.

[edit] Chemistry Set

The chemistry set is one of the new items that the Sims Livin’ Large adds to the Sims games. This item is mostly used to make potions while your sim gains logic skill, two things at once, wonderful! But only gaining logic with this chemistry set would become boring but by experimenting with the many different types of potions you can make and have your sim drink is fun to watch! Each potion is different than the next and if you were to have your sim drink the potion instead of sell it they can suffer from a variety of side effects! These many potions include: Blue, Dark Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Light Green, Red, and White potions.

[edit] Blue Potion

Making a blue colored potion is most common for each sim, depending on their logic skill. If you were to have your sim drink this potion the sim who drinks it would be replenished in three different need areas. Meaning that three of their needs would be completely fulfilled.

Note: You do not get to choose which three needs that this potion effects, they are chosen at random. Such as lets say a sim drinks the potion and his Hunger, Energy, and Social needs are fulfilled well the next time they drink the potion their Fun, Hygiene, and Comfort needs may be fulfilled.

[edit] Dark Green Potion

If you were to have a sim drink this colored potion the sim who drinks it would create an “Evil Clone” of the sim itself. This clone is the exact opposite of the sim who drank the potion in their personality categories, depending on these the sim may not be so evil after all. Evil Clone sims also will try and ruin sim relationships that the one who cloned itself has.

Note: The Sim’s “Evil Clone” can’t not be destroyed or run out of the house. But don’t worry, in time the clone will simply just fade away.

[edit] Orange Potion

If you were to have a sim drink this colored potion the sim who drinks it would become invisible! They would no longer be able to be seen by other sims thus making interaction with them not-so-likely, even though the sim who is invisible can interact with the other sims themselves.

Note: This potion has the shortest effect on a sim that all other potions have.

[edit] Yellow Potion

If you were to have a sim drink this colored potion the sim who drinks it will have it’s personality completely flip-flopped permanently. Meaning that all points in a certain category of the personality for that sim would be raised or lowered depending on their current personality just so that it is the complete opposite of what it was before. Such as if your sim had 4 points in Nice they would then 6 and if your sim had 7 points in neat they would then have only 3.

Note: The effects of this potion are not temporary, but permanently, so keep in mind when choosing to have a sim drink the yellow colored potion.

[edit] Purple Potion

If you were to have a sim drink this colored potion the sim who drinks it will be turned into a monster! Monsters tend to want to ruin other sims lives such as if they are in the same room as a sleeping sim they would wake that sim up. The only up-side to monsters is that they like to paint and their needs never fall or rise. Their paintings sell for greater amounts of money than regular sims could paint and sell a painting at. Painting also seems to be the only thing that calms these sims down.

Note: The needs never falling or rising feature for a Monster can only become a good thing depending on the sims needs at the current time they took the potion. If they took the potion and their needs were all very low then the monster will tend to be very angry and upset, but if the needs were to all be very high then the monster would be happy and carefree.

[edit] Light Green Potion

If you were to have a sim drink this colored potion, the sim who drinks it will have all of it’s needs greatly reduced with the exception of the Room need. Each of the sims needs will appear as a slim sliver of green which means the sims is very close to being in a bad mood.

Note: Make sure you quickly try and bring up all of your sims needs or they may die if left alone. This is true for deaths of all sims, if the needs are left un-touched to simply just fall completely red they will become in such a bad mood that they die. The hunger need, which is a necessity for a sim to live, if it were to become too low, the sim would become empty inside and this is similar to being starved. The sim can then become so starved that they just die.

[edit] Red Potion

If you were to have a sim drink this colored potion, the sim who drinks it will magically fall in love with another sim in that neighborhood. This sim could actually even be a sim in the current household, as long as they are not a member of the family, or just any random sim living throughout the neighborhood.

Note: If there are no other sims present in the same neighborhood as the sim who drank the red potion, they will not fall in love and there will be no effects from drinking their potion.

[edit] White Potion

If you were to have a sim drink this colored potion, the sim who drinks it will be cured of all sickness. The chances of the sims sickness actually being cured is only 1/10 though.

Note: A sim who isn’t sick but then drinks this potion will not be effected.

[edit] Love Bed - Baby Creation!

The love bed is not like any other ordinary bed. This is the very first bed that two sims can actually, what the game calls it, woohoo in. In previous Sims games before this expansion sims were never allowed this feature before and the creation of a sim baby was simply made by the amount of days that two sims were in love with each other. After these days the baby would just appear out of thing air, a new member of the family. In the Love Bed one sim, who is currently at a love status with another sim, should get in the bed under the “vibrate” command and then the sim will get completely naked while a blur screen appears. Have the other sim who is in-love with the sim to join this sim in the bed, also under the “vibrate” command for these sims to “get it on”. This new interaction between sims gives both sims social and fun but it also decreases the other sims needs greatly. The Love bed works like any other bed as well, so all other features that previous beds have apply. The love bed may also help to create a sim baby, even though the babies will still appear through the air as time passes between the in-love sims.

Note: It costs a sim $20 per time they use the “vibrate” command in the love bed. It is completely free to just sleep in the bed.

[edit] Wood-working Bench

The wood working bench is very similar to the easel in the way you can create something and then sell it such as painting a picture and then selling it as you would using the easel. But for the wood working bench you would use a block of wood to construct a garden gnome which you can then ether sell or set down and place somewhere around your sims property to show off as a decoration.

The wood-working bench is good for raising a sims mechanical skill as well, and a sim with a higher mechanical skill than another working on the bench will make gnomes that sell for more than the others made from the other sim. The amount of money a sim can make off of a wood-working bench and selling gnomes is determined on it’s skill level and the amount of gnomes it has made. Your sim will make $1 simoleon the first time it makes and sells a gnome but then as it makes more and sells them the price of the gnome will rise to around $1 simoleon more than the last was sold for, so if you were to sell two gnomes the price for that second gnome would be $2. This may not be true for all situations, it really depends on the level of the mechanical skill that the sim working on the bench has. Each time a sims mechanical skill rises the price of selling gnomes will raise by $10 for each skill level increase.

The highest amount of money made from selling a gnome is $100, which means the Mechanical skill for that sim must be maxed out, the amount of gnomes made at the time does not alter this. Your sim will make a gnome within 20 minutes of in-game time so within an hour of sim time you could make and sell around five gnomes gaining your sim about $500 simpletons which can really change the fact that a sim is poor or rich. Make sure that when using the bench your sims needs are taken care of because the bench does tend to decrease them and turn sims into a bad mood.

Garden Gnomes really have no other purpose than decorating a sims house but there is also something about them that can effect a sims life drastically.

[edit] Voodoo Doll

The voodoo doll is another feature included with the expansion pack even though it doesn’t have that great of a use. The voodoo doll is used to harm another sim in someway, such as slapping that sim. To do this you must have a sim that lives with other sims to choose from to use the voodoo doll on. When using the voodoo doll it will only effect sim adults, children are unaffected and cannot be touched, darn! The sim must also be in the same room as the sim they are choosing to use the object on to get a clear reading of what may happen. It is most common that a sim who uses the voodoo doll on another sim in the same room will slap this sim or fight with them in someway. It isn’t much but is quite fun to watch to some players.

Note: Only buy this object if you have enough money, if you do not have money to spend I wouldn’t suggest buying this item anyways.

[edit] Beejaphone Guitar

The megaphone guitar is a really great object for a group of sims to play with, or just individual sims as well. When a group of sims uses this object they will all gain some sort of fun and depending on the level of creativity of the sim playing other sims may “Jeer” that sim playing the guitar, which isn’t good, most times this means the sim is a bad guitar player. But if the sim playing the guitar was to have a high level of creativity they could have the chance of having other sims “Rock Out” that are watching.

Note: This object, no matter how many sims are playing, does not effect social.

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