The Sims: Life Stories

The Sims: Life Stories
North American Box Art
DeveloperEA Games
PublisherEA Games
PlatformWindows, Mac OS X.
Release Date(s)Febrary 6, 2007 (NA)
GenreLife Simulation Game, God Game
Rating(T) Teen


[edit] General Information

The Sims Stories branch of the Sims, gives you focused goals and families to take care of. Unlike the open-ended original Sims, Life Stories focuses on details within a house and completing the "story" on a lot.

[edit] Gameplay

You choose from one of the playable story lots and complete the goals as you play. During the completion of these goals, you unlock new items to use in freeplay mode later.

[edit] Features

  • From the first date to their first job, right up to the moment when your Sim finds Mr or Mrs right with whom they build a family life together.
  • Build your dream houses, to fulfill their hopes and dreams and give them better lives.
  • Laptop-friendly gameplay design, with easy shortcuts and a brand new Auto Pause Feature -- stopping the game each time you close your laptop.
  • Contact Sims 2 players or real-life friends via IM, chat or e-mail - while playing Life Stories.

[edit] Riley's Story

In Riley's story, you'll come across a lot of different characters. But that's no suprise, right?
Here's a list of everyone in her story:

  • Riley Harlow - the main character.
  • Sharon Foss - Riley's aunt, she becomes a millionaire at the end of the story.
  • Mickey Smith - Riley's love interest.
  • Dylan Kincaid - Riley's boyfriend during high school who comes back.
  • Ashley Sinclair - She's married to Waring and yet she was seen going out with Dylan.
  • Waring Sinclair - He's married to Ashley, he is a strong, successful businessman. He secretly fears that Ashley will cheat on him, which she did.
  • Agora Tchotchke - Riley's enemy, she also likes Mickey.
  • Fiona Fortuna - This is Riley's closest friend.
  • Madison Fortuna - This is Fiona's daughter.

[edit] Vince's Story

In Vince's story, you'll come across a new set of characters.
Here's a list of everyone in his story:

  • Vince Moore - The main character.
  • Greg Chomsky - Vince's best friend.
  • Sherman Boggle - He is very intelligent, he is Vince's co-worker and friend.
  • Naomi Hunt - Vince's love interest, who is the only one that doesn't want him for his money.
  • Samantha Hayden - Vince's last girlfriend, she was only after his money.
  • Alexa Starr - One of Vince's dates, which Samantha ruined.
  • Sasha Aires - One of Vince's date, seems to be just like Samantha.
  • Kendra Blaise - A strange women that was paid by Samantha to ruin Vince and Naomi's date.
  • Johnny Cullen - Vince's enemy and Samantha's new boyfriend/husband. They split up at the end of the story.
  • Don Calamari - Vince's friend and the owner of Don Calamari's, where Vince and Alexa had their date.
  • Dr. Maximillion Oglethorpe - A friend of Vince.

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