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The Sims: Livin' Large
North American Box Art
PublisherElectronic Arts
Release Date(s)2001 (NA)
Rating(T) Teen

[edit] Game Summary


The Sims House Party is one of the many expansion packs of the popular series "The Sims". In this add-on, you are able to entertain your Sims with a variety of new furniture, decor and electronics. Like in every Sim PC game, there is no real "objective." The game is played open-endedly, which allows you to create your Sims' world, make their decisions and ultimately, play the role of god.

[edit] Game Features

*More than 100 new objects!

Group objects have been made for group activities among fellow sims at a party. There are even a few objects made specifically for one sim but for others to crowd around and watch with excitement. With the makings of these new objects a whole new world of sim interactions opens up.

*More floors and walls!

Players can create themed rooms for a party house which the walls and floors will match up with the plenty of new House Party objects. Create houses specifically for parties and have an elegant, high-class party theme for the neighborhood.

*New Non-Player-Characters!

There are a great amount of new NPCs in The Sims: House Party expansion pack. These characters include: the mime, party crashers, entertainers, the caterer, and many more. Most of these characters will appear within the first hour of gameplay but others are hidden quite well.

*More neighborhoods?!

This expansion pack adds a total of 4 neighborhoods to The Sims series. All in all there have been 2 new neighborhoods to add to the current 2 neighborhoods from the first two games.

*Web Pages!

Use this feature of the game to upload sim houses and families. This can also be used to upload the family story for others to see!

[edit] House Parties

Throwing a party is the most momentous aspect of The Sims: House Party. It is the main objective in this expansion pack. Throwing a party can go in two directions: one, the party could become an electrifying rave with all sims having a blast or two, the party could become a full-blown bore with all sims leaving unsatisfied. There are a few bits and pieces to gather up to create the ultimate party bash that will wipe out all of the other parties in the neighborhood.

[edit] Party Preparations

HP 05.jpg

Before making the call to throw a party, the host must have the following items to officially throw a successful party: 1. The Elegant Chef Buffet Table 2. Punchucopia Extraordinaria 3. Turntablitz DJ Booth 4. Spazmatronic Plasmatronic Go-Go Cage 5. Bounce My Booty Dancefloor Along with these five items make sure to have at least one working bathroom, a dining area, and a room with enough space to fit a dance floor, cages, and a DJ booth.

Setting up a proper party house can go many different ways. There should be a party room, a dining room, and a bathroom.

[edit] The Party Room

The party room should hold the Turntablitz DJ Booth, the Spazmatronic Plasmatronic Go-Go Cage, and the Bounce My Booty Dancefloor. These three items can be found in the electronics section of the buy mode catalog. The placement of these objects does not matter as long as there is enough room for the party guests to move around and interact. Keep in mind, lighting and decorations is helpful in fulfilling sim room needs and can also make for happier guests.

[edit] The Dining Room

HP 01.jpg

The Elegant Chef Buffet Table and the Punchucopia Extraordinaria need to be placed somewhere in the dining room. Search the appliances section of the buy mode catalog to find these two party necessities. When creating the dining room make sure to include enough tables with chairs for all party guests, lighting, and decorations. Leave enough space amongst the room for guests to move about. Set up the buffet table and pour the punch for all of the party to enjoy.

[edit] The Bathroom

There are no specific items needed to buy for the bathroom. Simply include enough toilets, sinks, and showers for guests to use while at the party. Including lights and decorations also helps.

[edit] The Ultimate Party

HP 03.jpg

Now that the preparations have been made don’t hesitate in making the call to “throw a party”. Once the call has been made make sure the buffet table and the punch has been poured so that when guests arrive they can make their way straight for the food. Every sim comes to a party expecting to eat.

Professional hosts choose to greet their guests before letting them in so be quick or the guests will walk in anyways. While the guests rush for the dining room it is best to turn on the DJ booth to official get the party started. Eventually sims will make their way onto the dance floor after they have had their share filling their stomachs. Choose to ether DJ or dance along with the guests ether choice is good. Take the time to dance and as the party continues make sure to start a conversation or two.

If sims look to be getting bored, don’t fret, there are a few things a good host can do to keep the music bumping. The host can choose to jump into a Go-Go cage and take the time to entertain the guests. The host can also buy a Super Schlooper Bubble Blower or a ToroTec Mechanical Bull to distract the guests from getting tiresome.

After every great party the host must be prepared to clean up because the guests will leave a mess and none will stay to clean it up.

HP 02.jpg

[edit] Tips

1. Do not buy a regular stereo expecting to have a great party, it just won’t happen.

2. Providing only three to four chairs for a party of six will not work out.

3. A party is not a party without a dance floor, make sure these are included.

4. Do not expect to have a great party with only DJ booth and a dance floor because party guests will get tired of doing the same thing, give them some variety and buy a plasma TV, a bubble blower, or a mechanical bull for them to enjoy.

5. Expect failure if food and a bathroom is not offered to the guests.

6. Follow the party preparations above and there is no doubt that the party will be a success!

HP 09.jpg

[edit] New NPCs

There are new NPCs that will visit your house during parties. The ones that appear depend on how well your party is going.

[edit] Mime

Mime 02.png
Mime 05.png
Mime 06.png
Mime 07.png

The Mime, also known as Gabby the Mime, has been born to entertain. Gabby will appear at any House Party that becomes a bore and needs a pick me up. While at the party the Mime will do a series of sign language interactions from the invisible glass box to floating in the air. Gabby is one of the first NPCs to appear in The Sims: House Party, being new to the series, is also an unwelcomed guest to any party that a sim has for they have not been invited and are solely at the party to crash it and pep it up. Gabby the Mime can ether be your sims friend or foe, you will choose. Do you really want it at the party or not?

Mime 01.png

Note: The sex of Gabby the Mime is not known for the time being this NPC will be known as an it.

[edit] Female Entertainer

Bunny the Dancer 03.png
Bunny the Dancer 02.png
Bunny the Dancer 05.png
Bunny the Dancer 01.png
Bunny the Dancer 04.png

The female entertainer can be hired and is a new House Party NPC that jumps out of the Fancy Feet Cake Treat that can be bought in the buy catalog. Her name is also Bunny the Dancer and her purpose as a non-player-character in The Sims: House Party is to dance and entertain a house party of guests. Bunny is dressed in an elegant red top with sparkles on it while she wears two red chaps, a yellow glistening belt, a black bikini-dress, and two tap dancing shoes perfect for any entertainment.

Note: When hiring the female entertainer be warned she may not always be the outcome to your House Party wishes.

[edit] Male Entertainer

Chip the Dancer 05.png
Chip the Dancer 03.png
Chip the Dancer 01.png
Chip the Dancer 02.png
Chip the Dancer 04.png

The male entertainer, also known as-Chip the Dancer, can be hired using the Fancy Feet Cake Treat which this item can be bought using the buy catalog since it is a new item added in with The Sims: House Party expansion pack. Chip's purpose as a non-player-character is to entertain just like his sister Bunny the Dancer. Chip appears as a blonde whose hopes are to be appealing to most of the female sims who hire him for entertainment to any House Party. He also goes without a shirt and wears red sparkling pants in everyone of his entertainments. Besides his little dance Chip is like every other NPC and cannot be interacted with.

Note: Even though Chip is an NPC he can also be made as a real character so don't let this none-interactable character get to the amount of fun you can have while playing the House Party expansion pack.

[edit] Party Crashers

Dropinsky 02.png
Dropinsky 03.png
Dropinsky 04.png
Dropinsky 05.png

Dropinsky 01.png

For every party there is always at least one party crasher. In the case of the House Party expansion pack there is a NPC named Pete Dropinsky whom will drop-in at any rave that becomes loud enough for him to hear. Pete's one objective is to crash the party! He will go from dancing in a cage, eating the house party dinner, to playing with his puppet just to grab the attention of the guests. Pete will do anything to put the spotlight on himself when it should be on the owner of the house. Owners have two choices, one to put up with Pete's antics or two to kick him out!

Party with a crasher or party without, Pete can always find himself another party to crash.

[edit] New Objects

Your Sims are given many new objects to use for recreation and their parties. These objects include things like, a buffet table, DJ Booth and a costume trunk.

[edit] Additional Neighborhoods

The Sims House Party adds a few more neighborhoods for you to use, expanding the amount of families you can create.

[edit] New Music

House Party gives your Sims five new types of music to listen to. This includes Rap, Techno, Country, Beach and Disco. Simply turn on the radio and choose to start listening.

[edit] Costumes

Costume Box 01.png

With the help of the new costume trunk, your Sims can dress up for a themed, house party. Choose from many different costumes, including Costumes, Disco, Formalwear, Beachwear, Clubwear, Swimsuits, Togas, and Westernwear. The costume trunk more commonly used as the Porta-Parody Costume Trunk can be bought using the buy mode catalog in which this is a new item added in with the House Party expansion pack. Take a look at the link below for complete screenshots and details of each individual custom available through the costume trunk:

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