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[edit] Downtown

The Sims: Hot Date expansion pack comes with the neighborhood of Downtown. This is a completely new area for Sims to enjoy. Downtown is famous for being a place filled of romance, outings, and, of course, hot dates. To the players, take your sims to Downtown so they can experience a night of pleasure in a town that could be renamed the Romance Heaven.

Those who choose to pass up the new area of Downtown will be missing out on a mass portion of what's new coming in with the Hot Date expansion pack. Downtown also includes 9 pre-made lots that are shown below:

[edit] 21 Wright Way

TS HD 21 Wright Way 02.png

"Hedman's Hideaway

For those food fans favoring fancy fried fish, feast your eyes on Captain Hedman's Hideaway."

-Hot Date Pre-made Lot Quote

TS HD 21 Wright Way 03.png

Bring your sims to 21 Wright Way for a very elegant and hot date. Dine over a grand, wood-carved table while sitting on chairs made with velvet, red cushions. If your the type of sim who would rather eat out-doors 21 Wright Way is the place to be for they not only serve some of the fanciest fish inside but outside as well.

When your ever in need of a fancy feast just give 21 Wright Way a call and enjoy a true hot date on their property.

[edit] 22 Wright Way

TS HD 22 Wright Way 02.png

"Cory's Place

Traditional. Contemporary. Edgy. Comfortable. Eclectic. Just some of the words used to describe the world-famous Cory's Place."

-Hot Date Pre-made Lot Quote

TS HD 22 Wright Way 03.png

For sims who enjoy a backyard brunch, 22 Wright Way is the place to be. The head-chef, Cory, prides himself on his backyard but professional styled restaurant. 22 Wright Way is the best place for any first date, and it could be a hot one on those nice summer days. When dining at Cory's Place, sims are privileged to hear the birds chirping, see the fish swimming in the pond, and feel the breeze of a nice spring day.

So don't let your outside cookout plans fail always remember Cory's Place on 22 Wright Way has your back(yard).

[edit] 24 Main Street

TS HD 24 Main Street 02.png


For over 25 years, Wrensday's has been a cherished local meeting place and tourist attraction. Semi-notable as the set of 1987's melodrama blockbuster, I Wasn't Curious."

-Hot Date Pre-made Lot Quote

TS HD 24 Main Street 03.png

Take your sims on a trip to the halls of Wrensday's on the 24 of Main Street. Let your sims wonder about Wrensday's majestic halls with the cases filled of books on each and every wall. Grab a book, sit down on the most comfortable of couches, and take a minute to get your skills up to better your chances at that next promotion. Or if your sim is exhausted from a long days work have them walk inside Wrensday's and take a nice nap on one of their seatings.

When your sim is ever in need of a quiet environment to enjoy a nice book while in the comfort of a soft couch just take a trip to Wrensday's on the 24th of Main Street!

[edit] 25 Main Street

TS HD 25 Main Street 02.png

"Solana Towne Center

Value. Convenience. Value. Solana Towne Center means value for the whole family. Come on down and join the crowd!"

-Hot Date Pre-made Lot Quote

TS HD 25 Main Street 03.png

The Solana Towne Center found on the 25th of Main Street has every feature fit perfect for a family. Bring your sim and their family to the Solana Towne Center to do many of things whether it is to dine out, sit down and enjoy a good read, lounge outside by the tulips faded white, and much more.

Much like it's description the Solana Towne Center is all about value and convenience.

[edit] 26 Main Street

TS HD 26 Main Street 02.png

"Landgraab Mall

Located in the heart of the Downtown district, this center includes both open and closed-air food courts, shops, retail clothing chains and a token recreation area."

-Hot Date Pre-made Lot Quote

TS HD 26 Main Street 03.png

Landgraab Mall is a place of beauty on the outside as well as the inside. Bring your sims to this pre-made lot in Downtown who have a craving to shop for new household items, clothes, food, and even skill building. Landgraab Mall is one of a kind, it offers all visitors a chance to change their lives in many ways.

So when driving around in Downtown don't pass up the chance to visit the Landgraab Mall!

[edit] 27 Main Street

TS HD 27 Main Street 02.png

"Old Farm Square

Come on down to Old Farm Square and feel the magic you missed when it was New!"

-Hot Date Pre-Made Lot Quote

TS HD 27 Main Street 03.png

The appearance of Old Farm Square is quite deceiving on the outside but don't let it keep you from entering. Inside the Old Farm Square is a room that could also be named a grand ball dancing hall for there is not only a DJ booth but also a dance floor for all those sims who love to have a crazy and fun time dancing on a Hot Date. The dance floor may have been enough to catch your sims attention but that's not all the Old Farm Square has to offer for it also has a bar and grill to feed the needs of those sims who have danced themselves an appetite.

Make sure to give the Old Farm Square a second look while visiting Downtown and don't let it's outer appearance deceive you of the gold locked inside it.

[edit] 28 Main Street

TS HD 28 Main Street 02.png

"Barrett's Boardwalk

The Boardwalk has proven to be a favorite hang out spot for the young and old alike. Enjoy the character of this seaside haven, or enjoy the characters that flock to it."

-Hot Date Pre-made Lot Quote

TS HD 28 Main Street 03.png

The Barrett's was one of the first families to discover the district of Downtown and they decided to create a Boardwalk in their name. Barrett's Boardwalk offers many different interactions for sims such as, gaining body skills from the pool, gaining logic skills from the chess boards, shopping, and a nice diner to relax and eat in.

This boardwalk appears small but it makes up in ways large enough to fulfill a sims hot date needs.

[edit] 29 Main Street

TS HD 29 Main Street 02.png

"SimCity Beach

Known for its spotless sand and toxic water, SimCity Beach is a favorite for those hot summer days that seem to be everyday in The Sims."

-Hot Date Pre-made Lot Quote

TS HD 29 Main Street 03.png

A perfect place to just relax beside Downtown's waters on a hot summer day is the SimCity Beach located on the 29th of Main Street. Bring your sims to this location if they ever have the need to socialize with others while in the comfort of a swimsuit and the warming rays of the sun. The SimCity Beach also has a change room for those sims who have come to the beach in their regular clothes but wish to change into something better fit for a beach. Not only is there a change room, but the SimCity Beach also offers an upstairs loft where a snack shack has opened up.

Visit the SimCity Beach on any hot summer day for not only will the day be hot but the date even hotter.

[edit] 30 Main Street

TS HD 30 Main Street 02.png

"Crumplebottom Memorial Park

This park is dedicated in loving remembrance of Robert Crumplebottom, one of SimNations's most beloved puppeteers and philanthropists."

-Hot Date Pre-made Lot Quote

TS HD 30 Main Street 03.png

Come to Crumplebottom Memorial Park for an awe-amazing view of the true nature that Downtown can offer. Each and every sim who visits the park can be surrounded by flowers of every color, ponds full of life, bushes of eccentric shapes, rare willow trees, and even a sitting area to complete a true romantic, hot date. Don't be afraid of ever peeing your pants for the Memorial Park also offers a restroom made of limestones.

A true Downtown experience is never complete without visiting Crumplebottom Memorial Park, so don't miss out!

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