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[edit] Props List

Information is needed. If you have any of the prop information to contribute, please add it here.

[edit] Collectibles

Collectibles are the small, disposable objects that you can find scattered around Strangetown. Their locations are completely random, so be sure to pick these up when you see them. You can sell collectibles to the scientist in the Nuclear Plant. He's located in a cavity on the left of the road on the way to the Zoo Interior/Gothic Gardens.

Note: Sometimes these collectibles are required to complete plot points. In the case that they're required, don't sell them.

[edit] Empty Chug-Chug Cans

These are the small, red cans you see lying around. They don't sell for very much, so they're usually not worth the trouble of picking up.

[edit] Cowbells

Cowbells are the yellow-brown bells that are found throughout the city. Their price is average, so if you accumulate enough, they're worth the trip.

[edit] Alien Spaceship Parts

Along with Nuclear Fuel Rods, these are the most valuable and easiest way to make money. They sell for about double the price of a Cowbell, but they don't appear very often.

[edit] Nuclear Fuel Rods

These are the most profitable thing in the game, besides minigames. Pink up these fuel rods whenever you see them, as they are vital for some Plot Points, and they add a fair amount to your wallet.

[edit] Cell Phone

The cell phone is used for two things in this game:

(1) - Allows Daddy Bigbucks to communicate with you (Commercial Breaks, hints, etc.)
(2) - Used for the "Call Friend" feature, which allows you to call any sim in the game. This lets you see how they're feeling, what they want you to do for them, or tells you where they are at the time you call.

Other than that, the cell phone is completely useless.

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