Sims 3: Pets

Sims 3: Pets
Sims pets.jpgNorth American Box Shot
DeveloperEA Play
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Nintendo DS,
Release Date(s)NA October 18, 2011

EU October 21, 2011

AUS October 20, 2011
GenreLife Simulation

[edit] Gameplay

In Pets, there is a new town, called Appaloosa Plains. The new town comes with new stores and shops. In the Limited Edition, the town also comes with a pet store. Every pet will have its own special needs. Sims can play with laser pointers for playing with cats. Unicorns, if found, in the game are magical and can be added to a sim's household. They can set things on fire, teleport, curse or bless sims. They can breed with both unicorns and horses. Sims up into their teenage years can ride with horses. Dogs can swim in swimming pools, but they can not drown, as pets can only die by old age. A user can have up to 6 pets in one household. This also extends the maximum amount of sims in a household from 8 to 10. Sadly, there are no new careers for sims. Pets also comes with wildlife. There are also ways for sims to interact with their pets. Players can use their horses as a form of transportation. They can also have dogs and cats go around town and search for collectables. These collectables can be sold or stored. Pets can learn skills. Cats and dogs can learn to hunt, dogs can learn to locate collectibles, and horses can learn racing and jumping. There are over a hundred breeds of dogs and cats. Players may have a poodle with short hair, or you may also have a Poodle with Dalmatian spots. Pets can meet, fall in love and reproduce. They can try to have puppies, kittens, or foals, and will also have family trees.

[edit] Create-A-Pet

In Pets, players are able to create, customize and control over a hundred different kinds of cats and dogs. Create a Pet and Create a Sim are all in one mode, with different dressing room backgrounds. Players can customize the pet’s coat, shape, pattern, and color. They can change the ears, tail, snout, eyes, more. Pets allows players to go even further than customizing their pet’s look. A pet's traits are fully customizable. There is also an Advanced Mode for the Create a Pet mode. In it, users can put different layers on the body of their pets, such as dots and/or stripes. Pets have the same age sliders that were introduced with Generations. There is no height slider for pets. Players not only get to choose the dominant pattern but they also get to pick an accessory pattern and both can be colored. In horses, the mane and tail color are independent of the main color of the horse. Players can also add colorful markings on their fur and slide them around on their Sims' pets bodies. Markings are also in layers and can be placed in any order.

[edit] Traits

Players are able to choose traits for their pets. However, unlike regular Sims, a player can only select up to 3 traits for a pet.

Trait Name Description
Adventurous Adventurous pets are quite curious and want to explore everything.
Aggressive Pets are not usually aggressive by nature, but merely have a bad attitude when they interact with other pets. A bad attitude that often leads to fights.
Clueless Unsuspecting animals frequently forget what they have just done, and are easily distracted. They're not very quick to develop skills and characteristics, but are ideal for absent-minded Sims.
Skittish Skittish pets are very nervous and jumpy.
Lazy These pets will just lie down or stay there longer, because they are very tired.
Piggy These animals devour their food and it takes little to convince them to chew or drink from the toilet.
Agile Agile horses are fast, strong and like to jump. They are excellent in show jumping and get bored when they can't be active.
Friendly Pets with a friendly disposition find it easier to live with other pets and have a better relationship with their Sims.
Gentle Gentle horses are the quietest of their herd.
Genius Ingenious pets always have their wits. They quickly learn new skills and features and get along well with geniuses, pet or Sim.
Hyperactive Hyperactive pets are always overactive and never stay in one place. Their energy bars fill up longer, and take longer to come down.
Hunter Pets with hunting instincts are excellent at spotting and catching prey.
Loud Pets are very loud and powerful voice, accompanied by a special Sims, play an instrument.
Nervous Nervous horses see danger in insignificant trifles. Although frisky, they get on extremely well with Neurotic Sims.
Non-destructive Non-destructive pets are very gentle, and won't destroy furniture or dig holes in the garden.
Neat Neat pets are naturally neat, and like to be bathed.
Like To Swim Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs like to swim!
Shy Shy pets feel at ease when they are near their owner Sims. In the presence of other pets and Sims, they're a little nervous.
Quick Fast horses are the racers of the animal world. They love to gallop and have a natural talent for racing tournaments. They need lots of exercise, however, so they stay satisfied.
Spring Foal Some horses prefer to keep their feet on the ground. It will do poorly at Spring tournaments and off-road races.
Proud Proud pets always look for something better, and dislike poor hygienic conditions.
Stubborn Stubborn horses do not mix well with Sims, although they share an affinity with evil Sims.
Brave Horses are particularly brave and courageous, and are thus better cope with the chaos of sprinkler systems, fire stations, burglar alarms and other disruptive items.
Loyal "A dog is the best friend of Sims” is a saying where there is something for sure! Loyal dogs love spending time with their Sims and seem to learn skills more quickly than other dogs.
Independent Pets are to be assisted by independent not only from itself, it also makes them more fun alone, instead of playing with others.
Untamed Untamed horses are not used to wearing a saddle. It will take longer for him or her to trust a Sim riding them.
Playful Playful pets will always have fun and are quite unconcerned.
Hydrophobic Water-shy dogs have a natural aversion to anything that has to do with water. In the water they are definitely not happy.
Destructive Whether it’s shredding the furniture, or digging of holes in the garden, destructive pets cause chaos everywhere!

There are also four new sim traits, too.

Trait Name Description
Animal Lover Sims who love animals love all members of the animal kingdom and get special benefits when interacting with pets.
Loves Cats Sims with this trait likes cats and are happier when they are surrounded by many cats.
Dog Lover The sims loving dogs have a special relationship with their dogs.
Equestrian The sims love riding horses and they make their own good. The mutual affection equine allows these sims to have a natrual gift for handling and training horses.

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