SimBot makes an appearance in the Sims franchise with The Sims 3 Ambitions expansion pack. This helpful robot is a quite like Servo from The Sims 2, as well as the original, but you can control them like any other family member. To some people, who just wants something to clean for them, this is not ideal, but SimBots are a cool addition to households. While a fully automated SimBot would be useful in a number of ways, the new 'Servo' is not without its pros. Making a Simbot, along with mummies are the means of accomplishing Ambitions' Monster Maker Lifetime Wish.

[edit] How To Get A Simbot

There are two ways to get a Simbot in The Sims 3. First, there is the My Best Friend Lifetime Reward for 40,000 happiness points. There's no telling if you'll get a male or female.

Inventors can craft them once they've reached the tenth level and completed the associated Ultimate Invention opportunity chain. You'll have to come up with 1 palladium, 10 life fruit, 1 heart-cut pink diamond, and 100 scrap in order to make one.

[edit] Features Of A SimBot

Simbots are just like normal Sims, and come with four random traits along with Hydrophobic. They don't have to shower (they'll short out), and all other needs are re-labeled, but function the same, except the food need, or scrap reserves. This is filled by eating a piece of scrap.

Unlike normal Sims, they can talk to the appliances in your Sim's home to fill their human interaction (social) need. This combined with an easy to fill food need makes them very easy to take care of. They often come with a high level of handiness, and are great at upgrading household items.

They can also smash things, which isn't always a nice thing to do to another Sim's possessions. They can collect scrap from smashed objects.

[edit] Lifespan Of A SimBot

SimBots are like elders. That said, they have only one life cycle. The bar you see is their life span and they can die at any point when that is full, like an elder. They do respond to the effects of Life Fruit and Ambrosia, however, so they can live indefinitely like any other Sim without technically aging. With that in mind, the My Best Friend lifetime reward is the only finite one in the game. If your SimBot dies it leaves a tombstone like any other Sim and will haunt the household just the same.

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