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DeveloperOpen Book
PublisherMaxis Software
Release Date1994 (North America & Japan)
GenreConstruction and Management Simulation
Rating(E) Everyone

[edit] SimTower Game Summary

Reach for the sky! Start by building a small office complex-a lobby, a few offices and a cafe. Expand by adding more floors, more offices and elevators. Then diversify to hotel rooms, shops, theaters, restaurants, condos and more as you build your way to the top. Success in SimTower requires design talent, management skills, business acumen and the ability to keep your customers happy. And to be on the lookout for fires, insect infestations, terrorists and ... you'll find out soon enough.

-SimTower Box Description

[edit] Game Features

  • Business open and close, people arrive and depart, commuters enter and leave, all according to the time of day, types of businesses and personal lifestyles.

  • As your building grows it advances from Single-Star to a Five-Star and then to Tower status.

  • The day/night and environmental animation and sound effects lend realism to your vertical empire.

  • Follow individual people and monitor their stress levels as they go to work, go home and live out their miniature computerized lives.

  • Watch your customers turn red with anger as they wait and wait and wait for their elevators.

-SimTower Box Description

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