SimCity 2000 (Portable)

SimCity 2000
SimCity 2000 GBA.jpg
GBA North American Box Art
DeveloperFull Fat
PublisherDSI Games/Zoo Digital
Release Date(s)2003
GenreSimulation, City-building game
RatingPEGI: 3+,

[edit] Background

SimCity 2000 was released in 2003, it is the Game Boy Advance's version of the ever popular SimCity 2000 for PC.

Play as mayor of your own city. Your aim is to keep your city growing and it's population happy, this means responding to their demands for more schools, prisons, power plants etc. However when doing this your city might be struck by a hurricane, riots or even an alien invasion! Starting out with only $10,000 and a plot of land, by laying down roads, building a power plant and other various actions needed for your residents to live happy health lives, one day hope to turn your small city into a bustling metropolis.

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