SimCity 2000

SimCity 2000
Cover Art
Box Art Cover
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformPC, Mac
Release Date(s)May 6, 1996 (US)
May 6, 1998 (EU)
May 6, 1998 (JP)
GenreCity Simulation,
Rating(E) Everyone
Other Box Art CoversSimCity 2000 02.jpg

[edit] Intro

SimsCity2000 is a simulation/city building game for the computer. The second installment for the sims city series was SimsCity2K. This game was released in 1993 by maxis. It was out for Macintosh and MS-DOS Operation system. Later, SimsCity2K was released for a number of systems. Such as N64 in 1998, Sega Saturn in 1995, Playstation in 1996, Amiga in 1994, SNES in 1995, Pocket PC in 1999, Game Boy Advanced in 2003, and OS/2 in 1996. SimCity 2000 won "Best Military or Strategy Computer Game" Origins Award in 1995.

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