Servo as he appears in The Sims 2.
Servo is a robot character in The Sims. He was introduced in the first expansion pack, Livin' Large.

[edit] Servo In The Sims

Servo costs §3,000, but for that price, he will clean anything in the house, repair items and do your gardening. He comes with his own rechargeable chamber, also. He is not fully controllable in this edition, at least not without the use of cheats.

[edit] Servo In The Sims 2

Servo is far more developed in The Sims 2. He makes his appearance in the Open For Business expansion pack. Here, Servo is no longer an NPC, and can also form relationships, perform WooHoo, and has four basic Motives that need to be addressed as if he was a human Sim. To build a Servo, one must possess a Robot Crafting Station and a Gold Talent Badge in Robotics.

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