Pleasure Aspiration

Not only does the Nightlife expansion pack add in new hair styles, glasses, and clothes, but it also adds in a totally new aspiration! Known as; the Pleasure aspiration.

Preferred Careers: Slacker
Skill Bent: Charisma, Creativity
Sample Wants: Dine Out with Sim, Bowl with Sim, Have Dream Date, Have Great Outing, Be the DJ
Sample Fears: Have Horrible Date, Be Rejected for Outing, Be Rejected for Dining with Sim
Desperation Behavior: My. Party Guy
Lifetime Wants: Go on 100 1st Dates, Become Professional Party Guest (Slacker career), Have 50 Dream Dates

Sims who have the aspiration of “Pleasure” like to just enjoy life for what it brings each Sim. They could careless about work and school, these Sims tend to lean towards dancing at nightclubs, flirting with girls/guys, having 1st dates, making out, playing poker, you know just living the life. Not only do they really like Fun objects but they need them, more then others who don’t have this aspiration. Whenever there’s a party this Sim has got to be there, not matter what! Pleasure Sims are usually partying all night long and the only other time they’re doing something is when they decide to stay in on those cozy nights. These Sims are just plainly living what they call it “the good like”.

Along with the new aspiration the Nightlife expansion pack just had to add in Turn On’s and Turn Off’s. Finally Sims may indeed have chemistry between each other. Turn On’s/Off’s - Sims can only have up to, two turn on’s and one turn off and there is a selection from 19 turn ons/offs to choose from. The turn on/offs you choose will determine what other Sims will have chemistry with your sim. Chemistry is made from a lot of different things, ether by personality, it’s zodiac, likes/dislikes, and turn ons/offs. Your Sim will be romantically attracted to another Sim who has the same turn on’s as itself. Likewise, Sims who have a turn off that is one of your Sim’s turn on’s will be less likely attracted to you, chemistry wise.

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