[edit] Introduction

Pleasantview is a pre-made town in The Sims series. It holds a number of pre-made Sims and there's also houses to put your personal, created Sims in aswell.

[edit] Landscape

Pleasantview is fairly flat with grassy surroundings.

[edit] Pre-made Sims in Pleasantview

The Goth's:

• Mortimer Goth (Elder) • Cassandra Goth (Adult) • Alexander Goth (Child)

The Pleasant's:

• Daniel Pleasant (Adult) • Mary-Sue Pleasant (Adult) • Angela Pleasant (Teen) • Lilith Pleasant (Teen)

The Dreamer's:

• Darren Dreamer (Adult) • Dirk Dreamer (Teen)

The Broke's:

• Brandi Broke (Adult) • Dustin Broke (Teen) • Beau Broke (Toddler)

The Caliente's:

• Dina Caliente (Adult) • Nina Caliente (Adult)

The Lothario's:

• Don Lothario (Adult)

[edit] Back story

Pleasantview has in Pleasantview has been unhappy for many years. It all started with one very large coincidence on one night. Bella Goth, Mortimer Goth's wife, went round to Don Lothario's (the town 'lover') house. That night, the Caliente sisters moved in. Don tried to flirt with Bella, but Bella being the good person she is, refused. Therefore Don took Bella to have a look through his telescope. Bella never returned home that night.

Don is engaged to Cassandra Goth, yet is also in love with Nina Caliente and Kaylynn Langerack, his maid. Furthermore, he also has a crush on Dina Caliente. There are many other, smaller stories in Pleasantview. Like did Brandi's husband Skip really die in a pool accident? Are the Pleasant's really the perfect family they seem to be?

[edit] Price range for houses in Pleasantview

Pleasantview's house are either very cheap (10,000 to 20,000) or in the 30,000 to 70,000 price range.

[edit] Summary

Pleasantview is definately one of the more exciting pre-made towns.

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