Olive Specter

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Olive Specter
Olive Specter.jpg
Olive as she appears in The Sims 2.
NameOlive Specter
Life StageElder

[edit] Character Description

Olive Specter is the daughter of Peponi Muenda and Lerato Muenda, mother of Nervous Subject and sister to Willow Nigmos. Olive has been married an unbelievable three times, rejected at the alter once and is a lover to the Grim Reaper. Olive is a retired Professional Party Guest and is found in the town of Strangetown.

[edit] Plot Involvement

In The Sims 2, Olive Specter lives with her sister Willow Nigmos' daughter, Ophelia. Her house is considered to be haunted with several gravestones in her garden.

[edit] The Sims 2

Looking through Olive's memories, it becomes clear that Olive has been married to Hugh Thanasia, Rigger Mortis, Ichabod Specter and left at the alter by Earl E. DeMise. All of their gravestones are in her garden along with the gravestones of her sister Willow Nigmos, her sister's husband Creon Nigmos, her parents and a few service people (Maids, Paperboys, etc.) It was also apparent that Olive had a WooHoo with the Grim Reaper when she was in her Elder stage of life, this may well have been to avoid death.

The plot of Earl E. DeMise leaving her at the alter and then suddenly dying soon after may suggest that Olive could have killed the people in her graveyard.

She also remembers giving birth to Nervous Subject, who was later taken away by a Social Worker due to a lack of care. The peculiar surname of Nervous Subject has lead to speculation that the Grim Reaper is Nervous Subject's father.

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