Nina Caliente

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Nina Caliente
Nina Caliente.png
Nina Caliente as she appears in The Sims 3.
NameNina Caliente
Life StageAdult

[edit] Character Description

Nina Caliente is the daughter of Flamenco Caliente and Nighat Caliente and twin sister of Dina Caliente. Like her sister, Nina also has a reputation for gold digging. She is also part-alien on her father's side.

She appears in both The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 as an adult.

[edit] Plot Involvement

In The Sims 2, Nina is living with her sister Dina after the latter's husband passed away due to old age. In The Sims 3, she is still living with her sister but also lives with a roommate.

[edit] The Sims 2

In The Sims 2, Nina and Dina are sharing a condo in Pleasantview. Both sisters are romantically involved with Don Lothario, presumably without the other's knowledge. Nina had once had a job in the Slacker career track but lost it, making her unemployed.

[edit] The Sims 3

Nina and Dina eventually moved to Barnacle Bay, and gained a roommate named Luisa Libros. The sisters are involved with Alec Trebo, Juan Jr Inkbeard (whom Luisa is also involved with) and Jeff Smith. These relationships are causing some tension in the household.

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