MySims (Portable)

North American Box Art
DeveloperEA Redwood Shores, EA UK
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformDS, Wii
Release Date(s)September 18, 2007 (NA)
GenreLife Simulation
Rating(E) Everyone

[edit] General Information

MySims is a unique branch of the popular Sims series. It features cute, block-like characters and puts them in real life situations where they have to interact with others and complete tasks to progress.

[edit] Features

  • Build and customize an entire town.
  • Shape the community!
  • Create your own Sim.
  • Design your own stuff.

[edit] Gameplay

This version of MySims is set at a vacation resort. Your Sim must attract tourists to the resort and complete tasks for them, earning money and stars. As you progress, more of the vacation town and mini-games are unlocked, allowing you to further your hotel business.

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