MySims (Console) Residential Sim List

Residential Sims are those that appear in the hotel for you to move in and do not ask things of you. Like everything else in MySims, they are under one of the six categories. (Cute, Fun, Spooky, Studious, Geeky, Tasty)


[edit] Cute Sims

Image Name S.Level Interests Hates Blueprint Description
Bean.jpg Bean Bradley 3 Cute, Fun Studious Television (Wavy) This is Bean Bradley, former child actor. (As an infant, he starred in a series of baby food commercials.)
Beebee.jpg Beebee 5 Cute, Geeky Tasty Chair (Bunny) Meet Beebee, the bunny princess! Even without the ears, she has a ravenous appetite for carrots.
Billy.jpg Billy 5 Cute, Tasty Geeky Telescope (Octopus) Ever wonder what happens when you spend all night star-gazing? Ask Billy. He knows!
Clara.jpg Clara 2 Cute, Studious Spooky Coffee Table (Mouse) Some people say Clara's middle name is Cute, but that’s just silly. It's actually Belle.
Jeremy.jpg Jeremy Snoars 4 Cute, Tasty Fun Bed (Cradle) This is Jeremy Snoars. ZzzzzZzzzzZzzzz..
Penelope.jpg Penelope 5 Cute, Fun Studious Bed (Princess, Sink) In the morning when Penelope wakes up, the first thing she does is a little happy dance. She's just like that!
Renee.jpg Renee 5 Cute, Tasty Geeky Ice Cream Freezer (Piggy) Renee is considering a career in confection. But it's so bad for your teeth!
Pinky.jpg Pinky 4 Cute, Geeky Studious Bathtub (Palatial) Pinky loves anything that's blue. Blue dress, blue eyes - she even has blue hair! Wait... why is her name Pinky?!
Taylor.jpg Taylor 5 Cute, Studious Spooky Karaoke Machine (Lovely) Did you know that Taylor has the world's most beautiful laugh? It's true - her grandpa said so himself!

[edit] Studious Sims

Image Name S.Level Interests Hates Blueprint Description
Abigail.jpg Abigail 5 Studious, Cute Fun Bed (Book) Abigail loves language. Crosswords fill her head from dawn to dusk. Four across, “Stop Running” = Halt!
Amelia.jpg Amelia 4 Studious, Tasty Geeky Bookshelf (Art Deco) What’s better than a good book? A great book! Amelia enjoys both, but if you ask, she’ll fib and say otherwise.
Eliza.jpg Eliza 5 Studious, Tasty Cute Small Television (Question) Has the study of psychiatry caused Eliza to be obsessed with questions! How does she express this obsession? How hard did she have to train to abolish periods and exclamation points from her speech?
Gordon.jpg Gordon 2 Studious, Geeky Tasty Couch (Puzzle) Gordon is so fascinated with reading books that he doesn’t even realize there are better ways to get information.
Lindafinal.jpg Linda 4 Studious, Tasty Geeky Bathtub (Naval) Linda is always a little chilly. She enjoys the piano and historical fiction.
Luis.jpg Luis 5 Studious, Cute Spooky Stereo (Funky) Luis has been preparing to get into college since he was in kindergarten. What’s he going to do with his life once he actually gets accepted?
Makoto.jpg Makoto 4 Studious, Spooky Fun Chair (Recharger) Being a student is easy for Makoto because she is a highly advanced, artificially intelligent, humanoid robot.
Matt.jpg Matt 3 Studious, Geeky Tasty Television (Lightning Round) You know what makes Matt happy? Game show contestants who come back from behind and then REALLY nail the Lighting Round!
Yvette.jpg Yvette 5 Studious, Spooky Tasty Karaoke Machine (Mime) If there’s one thing Yvette would say about herself, well, she wouldn’t. Trapped in a box! Nooooo!

[edit] Fun Sims

[edit] Geeky Sims

Image Name S.Level Interests Hates Blueprint Description
50px Brendan 5 Geeky, Studious Spooky Couch (Checkers) Brendan loves playing games slightly more than he likes oxygen. Losing games - well, that’s another story!
50px Clayton Dander 5 Geeky, Cute Spooky Hot Tub (Robohead) Clayton Dander is especially good at math, but vaguely nervous. Fortunately, most of his friends are the same way.
50px Gertrude Spackle 4 Geeky, Spooky Fun Chair (Science) Gertrude Spackle used to have the coolest bug collection in her room! ..Probably should have kept them in jars, huh?
50px Jenny 3 Geeky, Studious Spooky Bed (Jenny's), Television (Spaceship) Jenny is the president of five science fiction clubs, seven video game clans, and a prolific fan fiction author. She doesn’t sleep.
Ian.jpg Ian Arneson 4 Geeky, Tasty Fun Bookshelf (Magnetism) Ian Arneson is a quiet, well-mannered boy. Why? He was raised in a library by his aunt Elmira!
50px Liberty 4 Geeky, Cute Studious Changing Booth (Cobra) Liberty was named for her incredibly free spirit, and not, as some suggest, for the liberties she takes with her wardrobe.
50px Rob 4 Geeky, Spooky Cute Arcade Game (Spiked) Widely recognized as the King of the Combo, Rob Jarrett speaks softly and carries a big joystick.
50px Spencer 5 Geeky, Tasty Fun Dining Table (Castle) When your costume is as cool as Spencer’s, wearing it for one day will not do.
50px Stephen 3 Geeky, Fun Cute Desk (Bridge) Stephen Albright earned perfect grades in Duct Tape 101 and Advanced Tinkering. He will build bridges someday.

[edit] Spooky Sims

Image Name S.Level Interests Hates Blueprint Description
50px Blaine 5 Spooky, Fun Tasty Stove (Claw) Blaine has never studied any dark magic, but he like to think of himself as a “neck romancer.”
50px Brandi 5 Spooky, Geeky Cute Bathtub (Spider) Brandi has earned a reputation for lies and mischief. She’s tell you it’s undeserved, but she’d be lying.
50px Crystal 4 Spooky, Fun Cute Bookshelf (Ornate) All of Crystal’s sisters cheerlead, and she can too. “Spookies! Spookies! Come to town! Turn those smiles upside-down! Rah!”
50px Esma 5 Spooky, Cute Fun Bed (Nails) Esma doesn’t want much, just a roof overhead and the complete and total subjugation of all living things.
50px Morcubus 5 Spooky, Tasty Cute Toilet (Insidious) Beyond time and space, there is a world of black fire. From the heart of this maelstrom of horrors was born the abhorrent Morcubus, prince of monsters, a being who inhales joy and breathes out pure terror! ..He’s actually a pretty good guy, once you get to know him.
50px Raven 3 Spooky, Studious Geeky Hot Tub (Raven) Raven Wright’s career as a make-up artist lasted exactly one wedding. Apparently, the black lipstick wasn’t “traditional” enough.
50px Ray 2 Spooky, Studious Fun Couch (Medusa) There are two things Ray can not get enough of: buckles and pockets.
50px Yuki 4 Spooky, Cute Fun Television (Giant Claw) Yuki watches a LOT of spooky anime cartoons. She also never misses a single re-run of the classic British sitcom, “May I Bite Your Face?”
50px Violet 0 Spooky, Fun Cute Flower Stand (Totem) Violet thinks the prettiest flowers are dead ones. Unfortunately, her sister Poppy disagrees. Hanging around Poppy’s super-cute flower shop may test Violet’s patience, but it sure beats her last job: kitten photographer.

[edit] Tasty Sims

Image Name S.Level Interests Hates Blueprint Description
Edwin.jpg Edwin 4 Tasty, Geeky Spooky Ice Cream Freezer (Pagoda) When Edwin bites into just about anything, he’s happy. Sometimes, he chews on his own tongue, just for kicks!
Iggy.jpg Iggy 5 Tasty, Spooky Studious Bathtub (Sammich) If Iggy isn’t currently enjoying a snack, he’s preparing to do so. Mmm, a sandwich sure would hit the spot!
Jimmy.jpg Jimmy 5 Tasty, Fun Studious Changing Booth (Aquarium) Fish allergies? Whatever! Jimmy is back in town to finally face his destiny as a Sushi Chef. Maybe. Achoo!
GrandmaRuthie.jpg Grandma Ruthie 4 Tasty, Studious Spooky Chair (Rocker) Do you want to know the secret ingredient that made Grandma Ruthie’s Oatmeal Cookies a colossal success? Marketing.
Karine.jpg Karine 5 Tasty, Tasty Spooky Bed (Burger) What’s Karine dreaming about back there behind those big blue eyes? One thing’s for sure: It’s tasty!
Maria.jpg Maria 2 Tasty, Studious Geeky Small Television (Soda) Cinnamon hair, orange dress, peppermint eyes. Maria is a cornucopia of flavors, and a pretty good cook to boot!
Patrick.jpg Patrick 0 Tasty, Spooky Geeky Refrigerator (Rounded) Pat Rhino was just a trucker passing through town, but then he fell in love with it’s food. Now the town is his home. If only more restaurants would move to town.
Noelle.jpg Noelle 5 Tasty, Cute Studious Pizza Oven (Pizza) Noelle’s goal in life is to invent (and then patent) the world’s first dough-less cookie.
Sasha.jpg Sasha 4 Tasty, Cute Geeky Stove (Apple) Bananas are the perfect way to start any day. Seriously. Sasha even eats the peel. What? It’s good for you!

[edit] Uber Sims

Image Name S.Level Interests Hates Blueprint Description
Hopper 5 Cute, Fun Tasty Couch - Froggy, Bed - Froggy
Amazing Daryl 5 Fun, Spooky Studious Stage - Fancy
Star 5 Geeky, Spooky Tasty Bed - Tree
Mel the Mummy 5 Spooky, Fun Tasty Sarcophagus - Mel's Blueprint
Samurai Bob 5 Studious, Fun Cute Desk - Torii
Chancellor Ikara 2 Tasty, Geeky Fun Television - Daikon

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Note: All character descriptions are taken from the Prima Official MySims Strategy Guide or are directly from the game.

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