MySims (Console) - Vic Vector

Star Level: 2

Interests: GEEKY.png SPOOKY.png
Hates: CUTE.png

[edit] Description

Vic Vector is better known by his online name, AwesomElf42. He spends most of his time in a land of fantasy - a land where heroes undertake epic quests, dragons and magic are real, and men in their thirties can play with action figures all day.

[edit] Tasks

  • ARCADE GAME - Video Game x10
  • COUCH - Action Figure x10
  • TELEVISION - Action Figure x10, Chocolate Cake x4
  • REFRIGERATOR - Bacon x10
  • ARCADE GAME - Tire x4
  • ARCADE GAME - Snake x16
  • ARCADE GAME - Octopus x6

[edit] Rewards

  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Arcade Game - Retro
  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Chair - Futuristic
  • ((DECORATIVE)) Arcade Wall Rocket

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