MySims (Console) - Trevor Verily

Star Level: 4

Interests: STUDIOUS.png FUN.png
Hates: GEEKY.png

[edit] Description

Last Thursday eve, whilst Trevor was performing, a shadowy man did sneak backstage and did so swipeth young Trevor's wallet and car keys. A thousand daggers upon the scoundrel! Oh, brutish Fate, will Trevor's sorrows never end?

[edit] Tasks

  • CHANGING BOOTH - Pawn x20, Knight x10
  • COSTUME CHEST - Rook x30
  • SALON CHAIR - Hopi Doll x30, Moai x10
  • COUNTER - Pawn x15, Rook x15
  • STAGE - Globe x30, Dinosaur Fossil x20

[edit] Rewards

  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Stereo - Trevor’s
  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Arcade Game - Antennae
  • ((DECORATIVE)) Mardi Gras Mask

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