MySims (Console) - Sir Vincent Skullfinder

Star Level: 1

Interests: SPOOKY.png STUDIOUS.png
Hates: CUTE.png

[edit] Description

Sir Vincent Skullfinder was the driving force behind every major archaeological find of the last 50 years, according to his resume. The most macabre of these artefacts were very generously donated by Skullfinder to himself, for display in the Skullfinder Museum. In his quest for bones, masks, and stones, Sir Vincent has allegedly explored haunted castles, cursed tombs, and the dark side of the moon. For more on his dubious adventures, please refer to his resume, which is over 300 pages long.

[edit] Tasks

  • SCULPTURE - Stone x8
  • SCULPTURE - Dead Wood x8
  • DESK - Dead Wood x7
  • CHAIR - Dead Wood x5
  • SARCOPHAGUS - Scary x20, Stone x10

[edit] Rewards

  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Chair - Modern
  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Desk - Puzzle
  • ((DECORATIVE)) Museum Aztec Statue

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