MySims (Console) - Shirley

Star Level: 3

Interests: CUTE.png TASTY.png
Hates: SPOOKY.png

[edit] Description

Have a seat, Hon, and let Shirley take care of you. Unlike her snobby twin sister, Nicole, Shirley couldn't care less about the newest fads in clothing magazines. She knows that real beauty can only be expressed with the biggest hair and loudest colors possible. Hon, you just remember Shirley's three rules of style: no heels are too high, animal print looks good on everything and you know you've used enough hairspray when there's nothing left in the bottle.

[edit] Tasks

  • SALON CHAIR - Red Crayon x20
  • FLOWER STAND - Yellow Blossom x20
  • STOVE - Lime x20
  • REFRIGERATOR - Orange x20
  • COUNTER - Lemon x20
  • SALON CHAIR - Gold x20
  • SALON CHAIR - Kissing Fish x40

[edit] Rewards

  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Bed - Designer
  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Sink - Vanity
  • ((DECORATIVE)) Salon Screen

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