MySims (Console) - Roxie Road

Star Level: 2

Interests: TASTY.png CUTE.png
Hates: STUDIOUS.png

[edit] Description

Roxie likes to run a clean shop - squeaky-clean! She's a busy bee, always sweeping the floor or wiping the counters down, or sweeping the floor... It's a lot of hard work, but the extra tidiness brings a certain satisfaction, like the satisfaction you get from touching every doorknob in your house exactly twelve times before going to bed.

[edit] Tasks

  • ICE CREAM FREEZER - Happy x14, Gingerbread Man x12
  • REFRIGERATOR - Happy x10, Gingerbread Man x10
  • SINK - Happy x10, Chocolate Cake x4
  • TABLE - Cherry Blossom x14, Cake x10
  • CHAIR - Cherry Blossom x16
  • BATHTUB - Cherry Blossom x20, Cake x20
  • SINK - Cherry Blossom x20, Cake x10

[edit] Rewards

  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Sink - Art Deco
  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Stove - Deluxe
  • ((DECORATIVE)) Ice Cream Column

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