MySims (Console) - Professor Nova

Star Level: 4

Interests: GEEKY.png STUDIOUS.png
Hates: FUN.png

[edit] Description

Professor Nova has always loved the stars. Surely there's more to their power than can be explained by simple science! That's why Professor Nova always reads her horoscope. Just the other day it said: "Expect the unexpected in the workplace when your unnatural obsession with the power of the stars causes you to lose your University position." And that's exactly what happened! The rest read " A new observatory ensures first contact with the aliens without distracting your students. Watch out for Pisces!"

[edit] Tasks

  • TELESCOPE - Star x20, Metal x25
  • BOOKSHELF - Pencil x15, Light Wood x20
  • COUCH - Star x10, Metal x10
  • SMALL TELEVISION - Alien x10, Metal x10
  • ARCADE GAME - Alien x15, Rocket x20

[edit] Rewards

  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Desk - Galactic
  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Salon Chair - Bubbles
  • ((DECORATIVE)) Observatory Chart

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