MySims (Console) - Ms. Nicole Vogue

Star Level: 2

Interests: CUTE.png STUDIOUS.png
Hates: TASTY.png

[edit] Description

Ms. Nicole is on a personal mission: to inspire people to look beyond their petty distractions and embrace the latest and greatest in fashion! No matter what her tacky, hair dresser sister, Shirley, might think, it's the clothes that make the Sim!

Ms. Nicole Vogue.png

[edit] Tasks

  • BED - Rose x8, Purple Crayon x4
  • MIRROR - Plum Blossom x14
  • DRESSER - Dark Wood x10, Rose x10
  • DRESSER - Light Wood x10, Plum Blossom x10
  • CHANGING BOOTH - Rose x20, Plum Blossom x20

[edit] Rewards

  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Dresser - Classic
  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Couch - Club
  • ((DECORATIVE)) Pile ‘o Shirts

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Note: Image coming soon.

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