MySims (Console) - Mayor Rosalyn

Star Level: 0

Interests: STUDIOUS.png TASTY.png
Hates: GEEKY.png

[edit] Description

That’s it! It’s time to turn this town around! You do what you do best: build and design. Your devoted Mayor Rosalyn P. Marshall will do what she does best: paperwork! She knows no greater excitement than filling out a form and then signing her name at the bottom. Filing important papers, writing important letters, signing important bills, stacking papers in a neat little pile. It sounds tedious, but Rosalyn honestly loves it.

Mayor Rosalyn.png

[edit] Tasks

  • CHAIR - No essences requires
  • PODIUM - Red Apple x4

[edit] Rewards

  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Chair - Ornate
  • ((DECORATIVE)) Potted Plant

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