MySims (Console) - Master Aran

Star Level: 3

Interests: FUN.png STUDIOUS.png
Hates: CUTE.png

[edit] Description

Hey, friend! Do you constantly find yourself under attack by enemy forces? Ninjas got you down? Then you need Master Aran's School for Martial Artistry! Teach yourself to command the mysterious powers of Sim Fu. Use it to repel bullies, muggers, skeletons, bees or monkey ninjas. With Sim Fu, anything is possible!

[edit] Tasks

  • TRAINING DUMMY - Tiger x12, Elephant x10
  • TRAINING DUMMY - Angry x15, Spider x15
  • TRAINING DUMMY - Octopus x15, Crab x15
  • TRAINING DUMMY - Mega Lizard x15, Tiny Shark x30

[edit] Rewards

  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Training Dummy - Doll
  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Bathtub - Bamboo
  • ((DECORATIVE)) Kickboxing Glove

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