MySims (Console) - Madame Zoe

Star Level: 4

Interests: SPOOKY.png GEEKY.png
Hates: TASTY.png

[edit] Description

Deep in the forbidden swamps of Louisiana, a simple palm reader Madame Zoe stumbled upon the world's only know vein of the incredible fortune-telling mineral FORTUNITE! From it, she forged the fortune crystals and began her own chain of fortune-telling shops.

[edit] Tasks

  • CHAIR - Snake x20
  • TABLE - Voodoo Doll x10, Eyeball x5
  • MIRROR - Skeleton x16, Fish Bones x14
  • SARCOPHAGUS - Ghost x20, Black Apple x20
  • FORTUNE CRYSTAL - Eyeball x30, Ghost x25

[edit] Rewards

  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Stove - Hourglass
  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Bookshelf - Hearts
  • ((DECORATIVE)) Floor Candle

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