MySims (Console) - Elmira

Star Level: 2

Interests: STUDIOUS.png SPOOKY.png
Hates: FUN.png

[edit] Description

Elmira Clamp grew up between an airport and a construction site in a tiny house with thin walls. Her father was the lead drummer in the experimental rock band, Nothin' But Drums, and her mother raised howler monkeys. Elmira hates noise, and she hates Sims who make noise. Like her Auntie Crumplebottom taught her: the best mouth is a shut mouth!

[edit] Tasks

  • BOOKSHELF - Dark Wood x12
  • DESK - Terra Cotta x4, Dark Wood x4
  • CHAIR - Dark Wood x9
  • SMALL TELEVISION - Dark Wood x5
  • COUCH - Dark Wood x16
  • BOOKSHELF - Scary x20
  • BOOKSHELF - Happy x20
  • BOOKSHELF - Rose x20

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