MySims (Console) - Dr. F

Star Level: 0

Interests: STUDIOUS.png TASTY.png
Hates: GEEKY.png

[edit] Description

Dr. F never had much success with "conventional" sciences. Luckily, thanks to a free class at the community center, he discovered Mad Science. Finally, his profound insanity was an advantage! At last he could answer the important questions! What is the effect of lightning on hamsters? What is the relationship between love and robots? What happens when you put ketchup on pancakes?

[edit] Tasks

  • STEREO - Spring x20
  • STOVE - Gear x20
  • TURNTABLE - Robot x30
  • REFRIGERATOR - Tire x10
  • KARAOKE MACHINE - Soccer Ball x20
  • TOILET - Tiny Shark x15
  • ZAP-O-TRON - Gear x25, Robot x25

[edit] Rewards

  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Costume Chest - Capsule
  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Table - Atom
  • ((DECORATIVE)) Mad Robot

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