MySims (Console) - Dolly Dearheart

Star Level: 3

Interests: CUTE.png FUN.png
Hates: SPOOKY.png

[edit] Description

Dolly Dearheart was once a little girl who loved to play dress-up. Today, she's the president and CEO of DressCo, the Dress-Up Company. She provide costume solutions to more than 65,000 boys and girls every day.

[edit] Tasks

  • COSTUME CHEST - Sunflower x30
  • MIRROR - Purple Crayon x15, Sunflower x20
  • BED - Yellow Crayon x14, Red Crayon x14
  • TABLE - Puppy x15
  • CHAIR - Tim Doll x15
  • CHAIR - Tina Doll x15

[edit] Rewards

  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Refrigerator - Deluxe
  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Bed - Canopy
  • ((DECORATIVE)) Costume Shop Carpet

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