MySims (Console) - DJ Candy Supergroove

Star Level: 1

Interests: GEEKY.png FUN.png
Hates: TASTY.png

[edit] Description

Let's get this party started! Not only is DJ Candy Supergroove the most fun DJ in the whole universe, she's also, like, a scientist of sound! She'll tell you all about stuff like watts, reverb, and noise reduction filters. And then she'll bust out some glow sticks and then things get crazy!

DJ Candy.png

[edit] Tasks

  • STEREO - Happy x9
  • COUCH - Clown Fish x4, 8-Ball x2
  • TABLE - 8-Ball x1
  • TURNTABLE - 8-Ball x6, Clown Fish x14

[edit] Rewards

  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Couch - Funky
  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Bathtub - Hourglass
  • ((DECORATIVE)) Disco Ball

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