MySims (Console) - Chef Watanabe

Star Level: 3

Interests: TASTY.png STUDIOUS.png
Hates: CUTE.png

[edit] Description

Chef Watanabe has dedicated his life to the art of sushi. With patience and precision he's precision he's learned to make every piece of sushi a masterpiece. Every cut is exact, every roll perfectly round. Not a single grain of rice is out of place. All that remains is to teach his trade to his boy, Jimmy. Sure, Jimmy’s terrified of knives and has a severe allergy to fish, but Chef Watanabe knows in his heart that his son was born to make sushi! Will Jimmy ever return to town and embrace his destiny?

Chef Watanabe.png

[edit] Tasks

  • SINK - Rainbow Trout x20
  • BATHTUB - Crab x30
  • HOT TUB - Octopus x20, Rainbow Trout x30
  • KARAOKE MACHINE - Stone x10, Organic x20

[edit] Rewards

  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Counter - Island
  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Flower Stand - Watanabe’s
  • ((DECORATIVE)) Sushi Lantern

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