MySims (Console) - Chef Gino

Star Level: 1

Interests: TASTY.png FUN.png
Hates: GEEKY.png

[edit] Description

Becoming a Master Pizza Chef isn't easy. Chef Gino has crossed the globe and spent a fortune in his search for special sauces, exotic spices, and forbidden cheese.

Chef Gino.png

[edit] Tasks

  • PIZZA OVEN - Stone x4, Red Apple x8
  • CHAIR - Green Apple x5
  • TABLE - Green Apple x4, Red Apple x4
  • SINK - Stone x3, Red Apple x5
  • STOVE - Stone x3, Red Apple x5
  • REFRIGERATOR - Stone x2, Red Apple x5

[edit] Rewards

  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Bed - Classic
  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Refrigerator - Framed
  • ((DECORATIVE)) Pizza

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