MySims (Console) - Captain Ginny

Star Level: 4

Interests: FUN.png CUTE.png
Hates: STUDIOUS.png

[edit] Description

Ginny's orginial name is Virginia. Ginny's parents noticed early on that their little Virginia was different from the other children. While most kids greeted each other by saying "Hello," Ginny would usually scream "Avast, ye scurvy dogs!" and then bite them on the head. "A little rambunctious" is how her teachers described her. One day Ginny received a pirate hat and an eye-patch as a gift from her grandmother (who is no longer allowed to bring gifts without asking Ginny's parents first). On that fateful day, Captain Ginny was born! Since then Ginny has been seeking fortune and adventure in the high seas of her imagination. YARRR!!!

Captain Ginny.png

[edit] Tasks

  • JUKEBOX - Angry x16, Musical Note x20
  • DRESSER - Heart x20, Spade x20
  • COSTUME CHEST - Diamond x15, Club x15
  • HOT TUB - Beachball x30
  • PIRATE SHIP - Magic Carpet x20, Angry x30

[edit] Rewards

  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Television - Club
  • ((BLUEPRINT)) Mirror - Origami
  • ((DECORATIVE)) Ship in a Bottle

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