Mortimer Goth

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Mortimer Goth
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NameMortimer Goth
Life StageAdult

Mortimer Goth is a pre-made character in The Sims series.

He is playable in all three PC series'.

[edit] The Sims

[edit] Character Description

Mortimer Goth.

Mortimer is an 'adult' in The Sims series. He is a protagonist, pre-made character for the beginning of the gaming franchise. In this series Mortimer is shown with black hair and a mustache.

He wears formal clothes that consist of an elegant, velvet vest that covers a white button-up dress shirt. Mortimer keeps a nice black dress jacket on to cover his vest and button-up shirt. He also completes his formal outfit with matching dress pants that are a shade or two lighter than his jacket.

[edit] Sim Story

Heir to the Goth throne, Mortimer is one of very few characters that have been created by Electronic Arts and Maxis in The Sims series. He lives in a large house with his wife (adult), Bella Goth, and daughter (child), Cassandra Goth.

[edit] Personality

Mortimer Goth has always had a fondness for science and insects. In his early years he was brought up in the old country and has steadily grown into the modern age of life. Mortimer is a cheerful and outgoing family father.

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Personality - Taurus

[edit] Residence

The Goth family resides in an old manor on 5 Sim Lane' that is accompanied with many gravestones in the backyard. There is a mystery to these many graves. The neighbors often question if these sims died of a mere accident or was it murder? And the most unusual thing of all is, whose graves are those, does the Goth family know?

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Family: Goth

Family Funds: $35,658

Family Friends: 0

[edit] The Sims 2

[edit] Character Description

Mortimer now lives in Pleasantview with his daughter, Cassandra Goth, who is an adult, and son, Alexander Goth, who is a child. He has also aged from his life-time in the series that created him. As years passed, Mortimer went from a young adult with one child to an early elder with an adult offspring and an exceptionally bright pre-teen. His wife, Bella Goth, who he raised Cassandra with in the first gaming series(The Sims), has mysteriously vanished.

Mortimer has short, grey hair due to his arrival of his elder years. He combs his hair back and slaps a good amount of "hair stiff" on it. This hair product is used to keep his hair slick and prevents it from falling back onto his face.

Mortimer still wears fancy, formal clothes, but he has changed from black to red clothing. His vibrant, red jacket covers his banana-yellow, button-up dress shirt. This button-up shirt also consists of a tie to further his formal attire. To finish his outfit, Mortimer dresses with a shade of blue dress pants and two black, shiny shoes to match his tie.

[edit] Sim Story

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Cornelia Crumplebottom and Gunther Goth married and had a child. They named their child, Mortimer. Gunther had ideas that were "beyond this world" planned for little Morty. When Mortimer had just turned into a child, Gunther did everything he could to begin teaching his son how to study in the best way. His prized son adapted quickly and became and exceptionally bright student.

Gunther talked with Cornelia about the schooling situation they had set for Mortimer. He didn't want his genius of a son attending the public school anymore. He wanted to sign Mortimer up for private school. Cornelia patted Gunther's back and agreed with his suggestion. This was the best for their son and if this change hadn't been made their son's life would be completely different.

The grand day came when the private school administrator arrived at the Goth address. He looked around. The past Goth situation in regards to wealth was not as gifted as Mortimer and his family's in the future. As the administrator almost turned around and headed for the door, little Morty walked up and tapped him on the back. The man turned around and looked down at Mortimer. Morty looked up at the man and asked him to solve his riddle. The man, as an administrator for a well-known private school, was pleased and willing to solve the riddle.

Gunther tried to grab a hold of his son to quiet him but couldn't catch him. Cornelia looked over at Gunther with a nervous expression on her face. Gunther returned the expression. They were both thinking the same thing. Mortimer was about to make a fool of the administrator. After their son had repeated the riddle for the third time, the man being questioned took a few minutes to usher an answer. He answered wrong. Mortimer had defeated him. The man asked what the answer was and Mortimer told him. They both laughed together.

The man patted Mortimer on the top of the head and looked at his parents who both were trembling at this point, "You have an excellent son! He possesses amazing intelligence. He will be a wonderful addition to the private school." The man told the parents.


The administrator held out his hand to Gunther. Gunther was now shocked just as much as his wife Cornelia was. He stared at the man's hand for a few seconds before he realized what had just happened. His son had just won his way into the private school! Gunther was excited and quickly grabbed a hold of the man's hand and shook it gracefully.

Mortimer's intelligence increased as he was opened to a new society of knowledge. His life wasn't always filled with pure study though. A day came when Mortimer met someone special. This someone was named, Bella. Bella was the star athlete and most popular girl of Pleasantview Private Academy. Mortimer would have never thought this source of beauty would ever take interest in him. He was only a mere shadow in her position at the private school. Bella had a secret though. She had a thing for short guys. Even though they were only kids at this time, the day Bella introduced herself to Mortimer and they had walked home together from PPA, was enough for both of them to realize they had found "true love".

True love at first sight, Mortimer had called it when he told his father. Mortimer was now well into his teen years. He had kept his grades up and was now number one in the Sim Society Exams. His parent's couldn't be any happier for their child. He was a true star of knowledge. Gunther and Cornelia arranged for a dinner between them and Bella's family. The dinner went quite well even though Mortimer and Bella had both thought it would mean the end for their relationship. Each family got along extremely well due to the same expectations for their children. They related to each other. That night Mortimer and Bella decided to go steady. This wasn't all they also snuck-out after the dinner. This was the night everything would change for them. They were in serious love, the type of love that never dies.


Years passed since that night. Mortimer had an early career in science and was married to Bella. Bella moved in with Mortimer, which still lived with his parents. Gunther and Cornelia grew old and could no longer be alone, so Mortimer repaid them by staying close to them. Shortly before Bella was due for their baby, Mortimer had advanced in his career and "won" himself a giant amount of simoleons. The family was no longer in financial troubles. Cassandra Goth was born. Mortimer and Bella built two more stories onto the house. After their expansion, the Goth house was no longer known by that name, neighbors now referred to the residence as Goth Manor.

The family gathered for a special Goth event. Bella's family, the Bachelors along with Mortimer's extended family were in for a surprise. Bella helped Mortimer prepare the dinner as Cassandra invited the guests in. Everyone sat down at the table only to see smoke coming from the kitchen. Cassandra was worried and she ran into the kitchen to find Mortimer passed out on the kitchen floor and Bella was lying next to him. Cassandra shouted! Bella's brother, Michael Bachelor ran for the kitchen along with his father Simis. These two brave characters, one grabbing Bella, and the other Mortimer saved the two party hosts from a cloudy death.


Cassandra had been traumatized and was a changed child ever since that horrible family fire. Bella was going to surprise the family that night with the news of her second pregnancy, but never had the chance to. A few months later, Bella birthed the second Goth child. Mortimer and Bella named their first boy, Alexander. Cassandra became even more of a shadow now. It was like she wasn't ever even apart of the family. With Alexander around, Cassandra was never watched. She grew close to her grandparents. Their relationship was a tighter bond than that of her parents.

Shortly after Alexander came into the loving world of Bella and Mortimer, something horrible happened. This was even more horrible than the fire that the family had experienced almost a year before. Bella had become quiet and was found walking back to the house at night after what seemed like a tiring adventure. Mortimer tried to pry the secrets hidden inside of his wife, but she wouldn't budge. Then one night, Mortimer woke up in bed to find Bella gone. He looked to the window and saw a bright, eerie light hovering in the sky. It hovered for a few seconds and then flashed across the sky and was gone. Mortimer and Cassandra, both were now traumatized.


Nothing was the same since Bella's disappearance. Cassandra was accepted into private school as a teen. Grandpa Gunther, whom Cassandra now called her best friend, died the year her brother Alexander turned into a toddler. The desperate situation the family was now in started to eat away at the happiness that had once covered them. As event after event occurred the happiness soon became replaced with a complete black cloud of depression. Mortimer's mother, Cornelia died the year Alexander turned into a child. The family couldn't see how things could get any worse, if they did their unity may not survive. Luckily, the progression of depression stopped. The lives of the Goth family now started to get better.

Mortimer Goth turned into an elder. His daughter was now and adult and in pursuit of marriage with a man named Don. His son was almost a teenager and doing rather "exceptional" in school which caused Mortimer some deja vu. Mortimer had lost love. The night he saw the light soar through the skies is a night he will never forget. As Mortimer looks up at the stars at night he knows his love was taken from him the night Bella went missing. He never expected to receive love ever again. Not until the day he met Dina Caliente.


There is little information on how Bella disappeared, but as years go by many secrets rise. Bella began to run with the wrong crowd just before her son was going to turn into a child. Two sisters became jealous of Bella while holding hidden knowledge from the Goth family. One of these sisters strives for getting rich!

She succeeded once before, will she succeed again with Mortimer as her new prey?

[edit] Personality

MG Per02.jpg

In The Sims 2, Mortimer is a Cancer when it comes to zodiacal signs. Being serious is his strongest trait. Mortimer is outgoing, which he had enough of this trait to "win" his love for Bella. He also is a bit grouchy, lazy, and sloppy at times.

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Mortimer once lived in the country with his parent's Cornelia and Gunther. When he became a child the family packed up and moved to the town of Pleasentview. His parent's also wanted him in private school. Mortimer 'won' his way in, like he often does. Meeting Bella opened him up. Mortimer became more outgoing and cheerful. In a strange way he was fascinated by insects. Their lives and habitats were so small and only a small fraction of life. Sometimes he would find himself thinking, 'too far' into the subject of his insects. Mortimer was aware of another reality. Others had denied it, but he knew it was true and didn't give up on its existence.

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Or at least he didn't until the day his wife, Bella, went missing.

[edit] Residence


Mortimer Goth lives with his daughter, Cassandra, and his son, Alexander on 165 Sim Lane. This new residence is just a few streets down from their previous one.

According to the neighborhood, the house is known as the Goth Manor. Mortimer is still in the process of getting over his wife, Bella's disappearance. In the meantime, Cassandra wants to get married and Alexander is attending private school.

Can Mortimer continue his life without Bella in time to make it to his daughter's wedding?

Family: Goth

Family Funds: $511,632

Family Friends: 2


[edit] The Sims 3

[edit] Character Description

In this game Mortimer appears as a child and his best friend is 'Bella' also a child. It's up to you if they marry or not. He is one day older than her.

[edit] Sim Story

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