[edit] General Information

In the Sims, there are three different modes available to you. These are: Live Mode, Buy Mode and Build Mode.
As the names suggest, these three modes deal with your Sims' lives, purchasing objects and construction, respectively.

[edit] Live Mode

Live Mode is where your Sims come to life. This mode allows you, the player, to control every aspect of your Sims.

[edit] Speed/Time Control

There are four choices when it comes to the speed that Sim-time goes by at. There's Normal speed, Medium speed, Hyper speed and Pause. Only one of these may be selected at a time and the one selected applies to the whole lot.

[edit] Icons

To the right of where you set the speed, there will be Thumbnail Icons showing your Sims' faces. If you click on one, it will bring up their personal menu. This menu consists of a few things.

  • Mood

Displays your Sim's motives. Can be brought up by clicking the button with the happy and sad masks.

  • Skills

Displays your Sim's current skill level. Can be brought up by clicking the button with the bars on it.

  • Career

Displays your Sim's current Career or "Unemployed" if they do not have one. Click the button of a person behind a desk to show this information.

  • Relationships

Displays your Sim's current relationships. Clicking the button with two people holding hands brings up this information.

  • Personality/Horoscope

Displays the Horoscope and personality traits chosen when the Sims was created.

[edit] Interactions & Building Relationships

  • Talk

When your Sim speaks Simlish to another Sim to interact.

  • Compliment

The initiator pats the receiver on the shoulders and mutters some Simlish. Basically, the initiator is saying, "Wow! You look great!" Or something along those lines.
Note: Only available to adults.

  • Entertain

The initiator can do a number of different things to entertain the receiver. They can: tell a joke, pull out a sock puppet or do something crazy.

  • Tickle

Initiator "tickles" the receiver. Simple as that.

  • Gossip

Both Sims speak Simlish to each other, while displaying speech bubbles above their heads, referring to whom they are gossiping about.

  • Dance

Sims dance together for a few seconds.

  • Hug

Initiator hugs receiver. If declined, the receiver pushed the initiator away.

  • Flirt

Initiator makes a provocative gesture to the receiver. If accepted, the receiver reacts in a similar way to the initiator. If rejected, the receiver turns away.
Note: Only available to adults.

  • Kiss

Initiator kisses receiver. If declined, receiver bends away from the initiator and rejection noise is played. If accepted, time slows down to normal, romantic music plays and picture-in-picture window is shown.
Note: Only available to adults.

[edit] Relationship Strategy

One of the quickest ways to get your Sims relationship up.

  • Talk until 25.
  • Compliment until 50.
  • Combination of Compliment, Entertain and Hug until 75-80.
  • Hug and Kiss until 100.

Note: This method works best for romantic, adult relationships. If you would prefer a friendship, continue Entertaining or Complimenting until 100.

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