Mini-Games (MySims Kingdom)


[edit] Overview

Other than trying to save the kingdom, you'll come across lots of fun mini-games to play! There is a total of ten unique and challenging mini-games.

[edit] Mini-Games

[edit] Tennis

Practice Before going head-to-head with your opponet you can practice playing tennis first! All you have to do to play is head over to the court. To actually play, just hit the stuffed toy shown on the top screen. Every time you hit the stuffed toy, you'll earn points!

Head-to-Head Tennis To go head-to-head, just go talk to Victoria when she's outside. You can play once it is not night. You and your opponent [Victoria] take turns serving. All you have to do is press the A button to serve the ball and then press the A button again to hit it. Use the control pad to aim your hit. You can always pause the game by pressing the Start button. Whoever is the first one to get 11 points will win the game.

[edit] Kayaking

Timed Race The goal is to get around the laps before time runs out! You might dinf this quite difficult at first, but once you keep practicing you'll get the hand of it! Just paddle your kayak through the course without losing control. Use your stylus to paddle on each side of the kayak. Paddling on the same side, will make a turn.

Race Against an Opponent This time instead of racing against time, you'll be racing another Sim! Your goal is to beat the other person!

[edit] Vegetable Vendor

If you talk to the mayor, you might just unlock this mini-game! To play, all you have to do is use your stylus to touch the vegetables the customer asks for. Make sure you get their order right, so you can move on to the next customer! If you get an order wrong, you'll just lose time. The more customers in the less amount of time will get you a lot of points!

[edit] Fishing

You can fish whenever you want. Just remember that different fish can be caught at different locations and time of day! To fish, just move the lure around to try and attract the fish. Different fish are attracted, but then some are also repelled! Try different lure motions to see what you can catch, like for example, move the lure side-to-side, up and down, or diagonal. When a fish bites, you'll see the lure sink. Reel it in quickly by touching the it twice. If you don't do it quick enough, you might end up catching nothing at all.

[edit] Ghost Blaster

Try talking to the sheriff, Hugh, at night to unlock this mini-game. To play, blast the ghosts by touching them with your stylus. Sometimes when a ghost is blasted, it releases a ball. Touch the ball for an extra effect. A rainbow ball will double your attack score for a short time and the ball with stars will increase your attack range, but just for a short time. So, make the best of it!

[edit] Stargazing

Talk to the girl at the higher gondola to unlock this mini-game. To play, just search the sky, using your control pad, for the constellation you see on the top screen. When you find it, connect the stars that make up the constellation. Also, for bonus points, whenever you see a shooting star, touch it.

[edit] Skiing

Solo When playing this mini-game, you have three tries to try and get the longest jump.

  • Accelerate - Blow into your microphone.
  • Take Off - Touch the touch screen at the jump point, the part where it changes color.
  • Select Angle of Jump - Touch the touch screen at the desired jump angle.
  • Increase Flight Time - Draw circles.

Competition In this part of the mini-game you will vs. another Sim. All you have to do, is do everything you did in the Solo part. Except, just blow into the microphone to slow down your opponent!

[edit] Snow Ball Fight

Solo To play this mini-game, you have to hit the snowmen with snowballs until they disappear. Hit as many as you can. If you run out of snowballs, stand on the mound of snow and touch it.

Competition In this part of the mini-game, you'll be having a snowball fight with another Sim! You have to avoid your opponent's snowballs while trying to him with yours. If you hit him more times than he hits you, you'll win the fight!

[edit] Dream Card

To play this mini-game, just find matching pairs of cards! Everytime you make a match, you earn more points! Cards with picturs are special, a white picture card will earn you bonus points, and if you find a gray card you'll lose a turn, a black card will re-shuffle the remaining cards. Than at the end of the game a dream card is revealed, if you matched that card in the game, than you'll get a bonus!

[edit] Balloon Giveaway

To play this mini-game, just watch each customer to see what type of balloon they want and remember the exact order of their requests! After everyone has made their request, you must give each customer the balloon they requested in the same order!

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