Michael Bachelor

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Michael Bachelor
TS Bachelor Michael.png
Michael Bachelor as he appears in The Sims.
NameMichael Bachelor
Life StageAdult (TS), Ghost (TS2), Teen (TS3)
PersonalityLibra (TS), Leo (TS2)

[edit] Character Description

Michael Bachelor is the son of Simis Bachelor and Jocasta Bachelor and the older brother of Bella Goth. He is also the deceased husband of Dina Caliente.

He has so far appeared in every main Sims game, appearing as an adult in The Sims, the ghost of an elder in The Sims 2, and a teenager in The Sims 3.

[edit] Plot Involvement

Michael has appeared in all three Sims series. In the first game he is a recent college graduate who doesn't know what he wants to do with his life yet. He is unmarried, hence his last name. In the second game, he is a deceased elder whose urn sits in the home of his wife and sister-in-law. In the third game, he is a friendly, athletic teenager who lives with his parents and younger sister.

[edit] The Sims

In The Sims, Michael appears in blue jeans, sneakers and a Sim State University shirt, proving he attended college there. He is somewhat lost in his life, being without an idea for what to do now that he has graduated from college. He can be found in Neighborhood 1's Family bin.

[edit] Personality in The Sims

Michael Bachelor's Personality

[edit] The Sims 2

By the time of The Sims 2, Michael has passed away after marrying Dina Caliente, who met him while she was a teenager. According to the color of his ghost, he died of old age. Although some believe Dina only married Michael for his money, her memories reveal that she had fallen in love with him.

[edit] The Sims 3

In The Sims 3, Michael is an athletic, outgoing teenager who lives with his parents and younger sister Bella. He likes the outdoors and gardening, and is most concerned with improving relationships with his family and friends.

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