A maid getting out of her service van
NPC TypeService
GenderFemale (Sims 1); Male & Female (Sims 2)
Main PurposeCleaning

The maid is a NPC service Sim that has been around since the Sims 1. Maids are usually hired by upper class families to clean up around the house everyday for $10 an hour. They can be hired by use a phone. Though in Sims 1 maids were not very interactive with other Sims, they are fully interactive in Sims 2. You can even marry your maid, which will replace them with another one.

[edit] Sims 1

In The Sims, the maid was the same for every family. She was a brunette dressed in the cliche french maid outfit. Her name was Brigit. She worked around the house emptying garbage, doing dishes, cleaning furniture, picking up after the animals, mopping puddles, and making beds. She stayed around until late evening or when she was finished cleaning everything. You can only make two interactions with her - dismiss, which would send her home early or fire, which would end her services. You could call her back at any time and have her work for you again whenever you want if you do fire her for whatever reason. Additionally if you have The Sims: Makin' Magic, if she ever discovers the Skeleton Maid she will quit on the spot. You can, just as when you fire her, call her back and re-hire her.

[edit] Sims 2

The maids in Sims 2 are more enhanced than in Sims 1. Though they do basically the same thing with jobs, they are fully interactive. You can form relationships with them, even fall in love with them. The main maid of Pleasantview, Kaylynn Langerak, is involved in the main storyline of the game. She's in a love affair with cheater Daniel Pleasant and womanizer Don Lothario. She works as the maid for both men. If you have Don or Daniel marry her, another maid will replace her.

Maids can be either gender in The Sims 2. The female ones wear the same thing as Brigit did with a french maid outfit. The male maids wear a pastel shirt, matching gloves, and black pants.

[edit] Sims 3

Not much is known about what new things the maids can do in Sims 3, but it is expected that they'll be included.

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