The skill Logic is a recurring skill in the Sims series. It is usually determined on how many brain teasing acts you have done, and also determines how good you are at them. Whilst also improving your Sims brain power it also is a helpful trait for many jobs in the series. Over the games Logic has become more useful to the game, and now is generally needed for all high paying jobs. The most common way to raise Logic throughout the series has been to play Chess.

[edit] How to increase Logic

  • Play chess
  • Look though a telescope
  • Read a book on Logic
  • Do the crossword in the newspaper
  • Medicine career reward

[edit] Logic Challenges (TS3)

  • Grand Master

Complete this challenge by making it to the fifth level by playing ranked players in Chess.

  • Celestial Explorer

When you discover 20 stars, you'll complete this challenge. It allows your Sim to talk about their discoveries to other Sims.

  • Teacher Extraordinaire

You'll get this after twenty hours of tutoring a schoolage Sim. Your Sim will tutor Sims a bit faster once they've completed the challenge.

  • Skill Professor

At level 10 in the logic skill, your Sim can teach other Sims the skills they know. At 30 hours completed teaching skills, this challenge is done, and will increase the rate at which your Sim teaches other Sims skills.

[edit] Logic Based Lifetime Wishes (TS3)

  • Chess legend - Become a Grand Master (Level 5) in Chess, and max the Logic skill.
  • Perfect Mind/Perfect Body - Master Athletics and Logic.
  • The Tinkerer - Master Logic and Handiness.

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