Location List

Rockwell Acres

This is the first location a Sim will live in, it's small and not well equipped, but it serves the purpose of acting as an opening tutorial.

Shoreline Trails

Unlock this by Buying an item worth $500 at Rockwell Acres

This is a spacious Location with 3 new sims to interact with, and is well equipped with 2 Kitchens, 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms as well as high quality entertainment equipment.

Cliffside Retreat

Unlock this by Beating Torin at football at Shoreline trails

This struggling hotel is a nicely furnished location with all the crucial items and 3 new sims to interact with. Help isabella turn the retreat into a top class hotel to move on.

HMS Amore

Join the party at HMS Amore

Unlock this by Completing Isabella's gold wants at cliffside retreat

This boat inhabited by Captain Nelson and Betty is a nicely furnished location, though somewhat cramped. Help Betty and Nelson fall in love to move on.

Sunset Canyon

Unlock this by Completing Betty's Gold wants at HMS Amore

This Rundown western themed location lacks alot of the basic objects and it's outside set up limits the room factor however it's friendly ghosts make it interesting! Help Red S find his long lost love to move on.

Tranquility Falls

Unlock this by completing Red S's gold wants at Sunset Canyon

This peaceful, Japanese-inspired house lacks some of the basic equipment needed but has plenty of space for buying and building. Help Chantel break into the art world to move on.

Alien Crash Site

Unlock this by completing all of Chantel's gold wants at Tranquility Falls.

Thiz bizarre location is inhabited by 2 aliens! Although a strange layout there is plenty of room for developing the location. Help XY XY solve his problems with his neighbour to move on.


Unlock this by completing all of XY XY's gold wants at the Alien crash site

The final location in the game, after completing this location, players will see a final cutscene. Help Noel master the politics career to complete this stage.

[edit] Bonus Locations

Some locations in the game are optional bonuses and are not required to complete the game, however they are required for 100 % completion.

Messa Gallery

Unlock this by completing Hector's wants at HMS Amore

Andromeda Arms

Unlock this by completing XHT-F's gold wants at the Alien Crash Site

The Orbit room

Unlock this by completing all of Billy's wants at Sunset Canyon

Jungen House

Unlock this by completing Larry's Wants at Tranquility falls

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