List Of Castaway Goals

The following are the goals from 'The Sims Castaway' listed in the groupings and order they are encountered in the game:

(*)= Only applies in a game in which more than one playable sim is created

Book 1: Moneywell's Big Book of Survival

Build a workbench

Cook a fish

Explore the Jungle

Make a shelter

Greet a crewmate

Befriend your crewmate (*)

Invite a Sim into Tribe (*)

Find all crewmates (*)

Assemble a Radio Transmitter

Send an SOS from high ground

Build a sea worthy boat

Book 2: Shipwrecked by Lord R. Stickywyck

Befriend a chimp

Use chimp to gather

Light the home torch

Build a bed

Build a table

Craft a shirt

Build a raft

Reach the second island

Book 3: Log of the Final Voyage of Beard-Beard the Pirate

Find the Jungle

Find the Cave

Find the River Plains

Find the Other beach

Catch a chicken

Hunt a boar

Fish a shark

Book 4: The Biscuit Isles by Lord R. Stickywyck

Find a hot spring

Find the Llama Temple

Reach the Volcano Summit

Find the other beach

Find all 4 Royal statues

Repair the ceremonial forge

Find the Llama King's Crown

Perform a Ceremonial Cliff Dive

Book 5: A Pirate's Guide to Retirement

Build a cabin

Build 2 cabin chairs

Build a Bungalow

Build a Lavish shower

Create a shell shirt

Use the bungalow stove to make a feast

Find Beard Beard's treasure

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