Juliet Verona

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Juliet Verona
Juliet Verona.jpg
Juliet Verona as she appears in The Sims 3.
NameJuliet Verona
Life StageAdult

[edit] Character Description

Juliet Verona is a Sim living by herself in Barnacle Bay. Strangely, she has no family on her family tree (this is supposedly due to a feud over her lifestyle).

[edit] The Sims 3

Juliet is supposedly a relatively carefree person who hopes to someday be leader of the free world. She is in a relationship with Alec Trebo and is friends with Luisa Libros, Patty Abe, Preethi Darwin, and Jasmine Noon. She is enemies with Bunny Shore and Aeisha Inkbeard. Her name may be a reference to the Romeo and Juliet-themed neighborhood Veronaville from The Sims 2.

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