Jasmine Noon

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Jasmine Noon
Jasmine Noon.jpg
Jasmine Noon as she appears in The Sims 3.
NameJasmine Noon
Life StageAdult

[edit] Character Description

Jasmine Noon is a Sim living in Barnacle Bay by herself. She feels lonely since she is away from her family, and wishes to someday be the CEO of a company. She also loves being outdoors.

[edit] The Sims 3

Jasmine is the ex-girlfriend of Alec Trebo and is currently in a relationship with Jeff Smith. She is also friends with Cat Mercouri, Juliet Verona, Luisa Libros, Alice GilsCarbo, Fiona Fleet, Flora Annan, Gil Lai, Laurel Lai and Jonah Lai, and enemies with Petunia Malifa.

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