House Party Features


[edit] House Parties

Your Sims can now host parties. To do so, all you have to do is find a phone and select "Throw Party." When throwing a party, you will need a few key things to help get things moving.

[edit] New NPCs

There are new NPCs that will visit your house during parties. The ones that appear depend on how well your party is going.

[edit] New Objects

Your Sims are given many new objects to use for recreation and their parties. These objects include things like, a buffet table, DJ Booth and a costume trunk.

[edit] Additional Neighborhoods

The Sims House Party adds a few more neighborhoods for you to use, expanding the amount of families you can create.

[edit] New Music

House Party gives your Sims five new types of music to listen to. This includes Rap, Techno, Country, Beach and Disco. Simply turn on the radio and choose to start listening.

[edit] Costumes

With the help of the new costume trunk, your Sims can dress up for a themed party. Choose from many different costumes such as, togas, beach wear and formal wear.

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