There are ten hobbies in total, all of which are unique ways for your Sims to spend their time. These ten hobbies are: Cuisine, Film & Literature, Games, Tinkering, Science, Arts & Crafts, Sports, Nature, Fitness and Music & Dance.


[edit] Cuisine

“Cuisine Sims enjoy creating and savoring food, as well as pitting their creations against a Food Judge’s palate. Being good at cooking will help keep their Cuisine enthusiasm high.” - The Sims 2 Freetime

[edit] Hobby Unlockables
  • Talk About Cuisine
  • Read Food and Dining Sections in the Newspaper
  • Serve Chips Platter
  • Browse Web About Cuisine
  • Serve Cheese Platter
  • Share Hobby Tips About Cuisine
  • Blog Tips About Cuisine
  • Serve Appetizer Platter
  • Instruct in Cuisine
  • Be in the Zone
[edit] How to Increase Enthusiasm in Cuisine
  • Cook
  • Read about
  • Study cooking
  • Watch the Cooking Channel

[edit] Film & Literature

"The television and the bookshelf are honored places for those Sims that thrive on stories. The film and literature Sim reveals in the comedy and the mystery present in all intricate natures." - The Sims 2 Freetime

[edit] Hobby Unlockables
  • Talk About Film & Literature
  • Read Entertainment Section in the Newspaper
  • Participate in Book Club
  • Browse Web About Film & Literature
  • Share Hobby Tips About Film & Literature
  • Brag About Film & Literature
  • Instruct in Film & Literature
  • Be in the Zone
[edit] How to Increase Enthusiasm in Film & Literature
  • Read about
  • Watch a movie

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