[edit] Busting out mode:

This is the story mode of the game and a sim will move from location to location as they work through a career path. Each path will lead you through several set locations, but using the car, sims can visit the other locations too. This mode requires sims to advance through these locations completing goals and tasks, moving into different houses with different sims , with the ultimate goal of moving into Malcolm’s mansion. In each location, some goals are compulsory in order to unlock the next location, were as others are optional, allowing the player to unlock new socialising options, cars and objects. Some goals are straight forward were as others are some what more cryptic. In the case of the less obvious goals hints may be given throughout the level. To complete this mode a sim must advance through ten levels of a career and gain their final promotion in Malcolm’s mansion. The mode can be completed several times, by a sim changing career after completing one. Players must keep their sims needs fulfilled, keep their mood up and advance them through the locations.

Preparing to visit a new location

[edit] Free play mode:

The free play mode of the sims takes you to ‘free street’. The locations 1,2 and 3 Free street are plots were players can make their own families. You can create families and move them in to existing houses or custom built houses. In this mode Sims can still choose a career path (a different selection from Busting out mode) however there are no goals or tasks and the player decides what to do with their sims. There is still the same social options such as moving in with others, Marriage and having children. Characters from Free play can not visit other locations, as sims in busting out mode can.

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